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This mod adds a new custom follower to the game. Lanaya is based on my Skyrim character. She uses completely custom textures, there is nothing you have to download and none of the expansions is required. She is COMPLETELY STANDALONE!
She is an archer class and I gave her a hunting bow and normal clothes, so you can give her the equipment you want her to wear. I placed her in the inn in Riverwood. I also added a background story of her that explains how she got to this point and what happened in her past. I hope you like and enjoy my mod! :)


Lanaya was born in 4E 182 in Valenwood. She is part of an ancient Elven race known for their beauty and skills with a bow. She grew up in a family of great warriors. She was educated in marksmanship and swordplay. It turned out that Lanaya was uniquely talented archer and particularly endued in the arts of stealth. With fourteen she was recruited by the royal assassins of the Thalmor. She was trained there for five years, until she was declared a professional royal assassin. While her training she was also educated in Thalmor ideology and learned to account the Elven races as superior to the common mortal humans and animal races, what the Khajiit and Argonians were called. Of course Lanaya had to prove loyalty before she was inducted into the secret plans of the Thalmor. Her task was to kill the son of an important Imperial Commander and to make it looks like an assassination on the authority of the new formed Stormcloaks in order to add fuel to the fire of the already raging Civil War. The Thalmor wanted to weaken the Imperial Legion by letting them fight against the Stormcloaks and then, when the war would end to assassinate the heads of the Empire and simply take over the city. So this was the mission Lanaya was about to conduct.
Lanaya was already standing in the boy's room and had drawn her knife, when she realized that she wasn't able to kill an innocent child. She canceled her mission and was able to escape to Skyrim, where she hid in Windhelm. She knew she was safest right at the enemies headquarters and that the Thalmor wouldn't be able to look for her there. One day she heard in a firebrand speech against the Aldmeri Dominion and the Empire. That a family of Elves, well-known warriors, were executed by Thalmor Agents to make an example of how traitors would be punished. Lanaya found out that her father, mother and her brother and sisters were executed some weeks ago. Hatred was filling her soul and she swore to take vengeance and to tear down the Empire and the Aldmeri Dominion. On the same day she joined the Stormcloaks.
Some months later she was with a group of Stormcloaks, including Jarl Ulfric, that tried to cross the border to Cyrodiil and was caught by the Imperials. She was transported to Helgen where she was about to be executed, when suddenly a dragon attacked the city. She and some other Stormcloaks managed to escape and made it to Riverwood, where she stayed in the local inn.


Lanaya is sitting in the Sleeping Giant Inn in Riverwood


Manual: Just drag and drop the files included in the archive to “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Skyrim\Data”
NMM: Just add the mod and activate it^^
LanayaNormalEyes: Use this esp, if you want Lanaya to have human eyes.


This mod should be compatible with every Follower Mod (for example UFO, which I am using)


None known for now. If you find some please report them to me.

Future plans

I am planing to add several features to this mod. I am a total beginner in modding, so it may take some time before I will be able to add the features I thought off. My first idea was custom dialogues and voice acting. Unfortunately I need a female voice first. Also I thought about adding some dialogues that are commenting the questline or special events. So, if someone is interested in helping me out, she/he can just message me :) Another thing I want to add in the future is a custom armor for Lanaya, but first I need to improve my modeling :D That's all for now, if I have new ideas I will tell you.

- Custom Armor (In progress)


Please don't upload this mod somewhere else or upload an edited version without asking me for my permission. I put already a lot of work into this mod and I won't tolerate if someone is trying to exploit it.


Big thanks to
zzjay (for lending me some textures and advising me)
Foaman (for helping and advising me)
All my image endorsers (VictoriaG, kowalski99, Kamikazekossori and others) for motivating me to create this mod
The Nexus Team for giving people like me the opportunity to share their work
The downloaders for downloading :p

Change log

v. 1.1: - fixed major texture issues
- custom body given
- mod is now working correctly

v. 1.2: - some minor improvements
- added to PotentialMarriageFaction
- added alternate version

v. 1.3: - added second esp (LanayaNormalEyes)

v. 1.4: - added several perks
- making her an actuak vampire