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This mod allows, through a menu system called by a spell to configure the following features: - Configure the lockpicking system. - Add more unlocking modes.

Permissions and credits
SEU - Skyrim Enhanced Unlocking

Version : 1.24

SKSE is strongly recommanded to avoid some bugs. I left the non SKSE version because I was asked to.

Version française disponible sur le site de la "Confrérie des traducteurs").

English is not my native language (I'm french).If you have suggestions to replace some sentences in the mod, let me know in the commentary page.

This mod allows, through a menu system called by a spell to configure the following

1)The picking system:

- Real-time Lockpicking (automatic talent test)
- Vanilla lockpicking

2)additional unlocking modes :

- Using one handed and two handed weapons
- Using bows
- With a vial of acid (available from some dealers)
- Using a fireball spell
- Using Ondusi's Unhinging spell (available from some dealers)
- Using the FUS RO DAH shout.

An in-game menu can be called with an alteration spell.


Formulas used in Skyrim Enhanced Unlocking :

Each SkillTotal value is calculated as follow :
SkillTotal = SkillValue * (1 + (SkillMod / 100)) * (1 + (SkillPowerMod))

Formulas used by the realtime lockpicking with animation :
-Unlocking :
Player will open novice locks if he has the novice perk, apprentice locks with apprentice perk…
No perk applied : (LockpickingSkillTotal + randomint between -20 and + 10) – LockLevel > 0

-Breaking a lockpick (if player doesn’t have skeleton key or unbreakable perk)
randomint(50;100) – (LockpickingSkillTotal / 2) > 40

Formulas used in bashing part of the mod :
The following formulas are compared with the lock level depending on the bashing type.
-With one handed weapons : (Stamina / 10) + OneHandedSkillTotal – 10
-With two handed weapons : (Stamina / 10) + TwoHandedSkillTotal – 10
-With acid vials : (AlchemySkillTotal * 2) – 40
-With daggers : (LockpickingSkillTotal – 10) / 2 (with a max equal to 25)
-With bows or crossbows :
oDistance > 200 units : MarksmanSkillTotal – 10
oDistance <= 200 units : ((Stamina – 100)/20) + MarksmanSkillTotal – 10
-With Ondusi’s unhinging : AlterationSkillTotal
-With Fireball spell : DestructionSkillTotal – 10
-With Unrelenting Force (only doors) : PlayerLevel - 10

If the calculated value is greater than the lock level, the lock will break and the door or chest opens.

How to install :
- Put the then files in the DATA folder of the archive in the DATA folder of Skyrim.
- Activate the mod in the launcher.

How to uninstall :
- Desactivate the mod in the launcher.
- Remove the SEU.esp and SEU.bsa files from your hard drive.

Thanks to Bethesda for the game.

You can check out my next mod there :
The forum is in french but you can use google translate.
I'll release an english version too.

You can also chek the mods of Sagittarius22, if you want more immersion...
There are both english and french versions.