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Calyps' Razor Armor 1.1

An assassin armor (Mask, boots, gloves, and cuirass) in both light and heavy, male and female varieties. Craftable under Ebony with Advanced Armor perk. For not crafters it can also found being sold by a short hooknosed vendor just up the path from the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary in a clearing by a shattered tree trunk. Fully weight slider compatible. Rating is roughly equivalent to "Ancient Shrouded Armor".

To install drop \data\ folder into your skyrim directory and activate calyps-razorarmor.esp in data files, or your mod manager.

Or just use NMM.

Craftable under "ebony" with the advanced armors perks. Requires 2 ebony, 4 steel, and 4 leather.


"Does this work with CBBE/Vanilla/ADEC/bodies other than UNP variants?"
Yes. It uses a full body texture so there will be no issues, except that it won't be shaped like vanilla, CBBE, or ADEC. But the UNP variants cover a range from curvy, to chesty, to default natural.

"Can you make X?"
I am pretty busy, so unless a request lines right up with my plans, probably not. Sorry. But this is free so it's worth what you paid in the end.

"Make X oufit from this tv show/movie/game I like!!! LOL!"
No. Lol.


Thanks to HoneyVanity, greyblood, and everyone else who encouraged me through the construction process. And of course our lord and master, Sithis.

Also, thanks to favoredsouls and dimon99 for the body meshes.


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