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This mod is simple, when you go to jail, you live as a prisoner! No more boring Serve Time Popup. Live like a prisoner and hope that you will find a little gift in your bread to help you go out of this hell!

Permissions and credits
--Life In Prison V2.1--
FIXED Forsworn Conspiracy quest

want to roleplay your life in prison?

(Sorry for my bad english!)

-Backup the OreMineScript FIRST! (if you want to uninstall my mod)
-Put the scripts in the Data/Scripts Folder
-Put the esp in Data/ and play!!

PM me if you find bugs!
SURE you can drop your crime golds, but WHY do this? just use console commands INSTEAD!
THIS MOD is for ROLEPLAY, so you do whatever you want,
AND I didn't made a script to block dropping converted crime gold.

--Mod Features--
-Increased bounty of each crime (whut? 1000 gold for killing someone? seriously?)
-No more boring "Serve Time" popup
-Live in prison!
-A new cell named "The Courtyard" Where you can play dice, blackjack, and fight with other prisoners.

--"Normal" Prisons
-Each time you use a bed, your bounty will decrease (10 gold a day).
-Added the Prisoner Horn to Dawnstar, Morthal, Falkreath, Windhelm, Solitude, Winterhold and Riften.
-When you play Prisoner Horn, you will be moved to "The Courtyard" (teleport only, non real-time scene)
-The horn can be played only once a day.
-trigger black screen and seven days (or less depending of your current bounty) will pass rapidly.
-If your bounty is greater than 0, an old bread will be thrown at your cell.
-If your bounty is at 0, a fresh bread will be thrown at your cell

--Cidhna Mine (Markarth mine)
-Each time you use a bed, Ore mines will reset and seven days will pass rapidly.
-Ores mines in Markarth Mine will have 2 Ore instead of x Ores(depending on mods)
-You will need to take the ores you extracted to the "Ore Deposit" Barrel.
-Ore Deposit
-Each time you gives Ore in the Barrel, your bounty will decrease of X given Ore * Ore Value
-When your bounty reach 0, a Fresh Bread will be Thrown at you

--Old Bread And Release Papers
-Old Bread will have a chance to contain a lockpick (depending on level of your character, higher level will have more contacts!)
-Release Paper (Still a food item) = I'M NOW FREE!! <- jimmybob Idea
-You need to eat them to get these effects!

--"The Courtyard"
Some prison has a room named "The Courtyard" where inmates can relax.
-Up to 10 inmates sitting on a bench or cooking (depending on prison population)
-Currency on this Courtyard is simply your current crime gold.
-Max bet is 50 crime gold for each "game"
-Max crime gold available to exchange in one day is 500.

--"The Courtyard Games"
From time to time, special prisoner will be there (also depending on prison population)
-Dice Game (Message System)
-Blackjack (Message System)
-Fights (Brawl): Bet up to 50 crime gold against another prisoner in a ring!
-You can buy many items from her... for additional time in jail! (Including a Shiv :D )

--Version History--
-Fixed "Forsworn Conspiracy" quest
-Added missing script fragment for the brawl.
-Fixed Horn, now consider Non-Violent Crime Gold
-Added a Courtyard in Dawnstar, Morthal, Falkreath, Windhelm, Solitude, Winterhold and Riften
-Updated "Old Bread" for "Release Paper"
-Should be a little bit more frequent to get a lockpick in your "Old Bread"
-1.0: Initial Release

-Any mod that modifies crime values!
-Any mod that change the script for the ore mine (because of Cidhna Mines :( )
-Will probably not work very well with "life Necessities" Mods

You can update it, add NPC, etc... But at least write me in Credits if you do so.

Feel free to write some comments! (if you are not happy with this mod, you can be a hater, but you can easily uninstall my mod!)