Windcallers Legacy by dark1402 aka MadMan
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Added: 31/10/2012 - 12:32AM
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Adds a chest to High Hrothgar that contains Jurgen Windcaller's Legacy. His powerful Greybeards robes. The robes have very powerful enchantments.
Theres a book right next to the chest which is very self explanatory on how to get the chest opened.

The robes are considered made of dragonscales so you need the Dragon Smithing perk to improve them twice as much.

Jurgen Windcaller was the founder of the Greybeards and the Master of the Voice. Like his disciples he used to wear Greybeard robes before his death, but where did the robes ended up after his demise? - This mod answers that question.

You can combine the hood + amulet of talos for 80% shout cooldown reduction. You can also combine it with Blessing of Talos to get 100% shout cooldown reduction.