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Underground Bathhouse Addition to the Bathing Beaties Luxury Suite Basement including big pool area, sauna, whirlpool, showers and big display room.

Permissions and credits
Not supported anylonger. Please use the standalone version

This mod has now a standalone version:

and a merge mod to merge the Standalone version into the BBLS

Game: Skyrim
Mod Name: BB Luxury Suite Underground Bathhouse
Author: Andragon
Version: 1.2

After you took over the Luxury Suite you always wandered what the history behind this beautiful place was. While crafting in the basement you
discovered a secret passage when a backwall of a cabinet shifted a little. You discovered a much older place that a clan of vampires called home.
It seems that the Luxury Suite was originally build as a honey trap above that Underground building to lure in the beauties for pleasure and feeding.
The place needed cleaning and some work on the dwemer machines but after it was all fixed up, a couple of girls now populate the place and it is
a great place for even more relaxation.

This is an Underground bathhouse addition to the "Bathing Beauties or Beefcake - Luxury Suite" by Migal130

You will find the entrance behind a new wardrobe in the basement. It well ... went a little big but it has following features:

- A Master Bedroom (Display Room) with Mannequins, Display Cases, Weapon Racks, a libary that should hold all the books of skyrim and many new containers.
- A big main Pool area
- A sauna
- A shower
- A whirlpool
- A bar area with a Kitchen behind it
- A sleeping Area for the girls
- A restroom
- some Fountains

and all the areas with the usual Luxury Suite confort of getting the girls naked when entering ;)

I love the Luxury Suite but I always like it a little bigger and a sauna was lacking so I started this mod and it grew along while I did it.

To-DO List:
First of all I need some checking. Is this to heavy on computers that don't have the latest hardware? Are there any clipping issues I overlooked?
Do all the Weapon Racks etc. work?

Probally need to tweak the AI-packages of the NPC some more. Just did it a very basic way so they are some present in every area.

I need someone who is able to help me with a script that should be able to invite Followers, Housecarls and Spouses to live down there in addition to
live in the suite. If you know how to do that feel free to send me a message.

Change log:

v 1.2 SKYRIM 1.8 or higher needed because it was done with CK 1.8. Not my fault ;)
- Tried to fix the water in the main pool a little more so the mirroring is not that apparent any longer by moving the light source out of the water.
- Fixed the issue that the girls would be dressed in the main pool after changing zones and coming back or when after installation of the mod
- Fixed the issue of the invisible door collision boxes by simply placing two single doos insead of using the bugged double door
- Fixed some minor clipping issues
- Added a light source to the shower that was a little to shady for my taste.
- Added player usabillity to many markers (restroom, sit down makers next to the pool).Thanks goes to rip88 once more ;)

v 1.1
Bugfix for the Main Pool where the girls dived down.

v 1.0
Fixed the Collison problem in the maintenance room
Fixed the water in the main pool that looked odd due to a high scaling
Reworked the Main Bedroom (display Room) as it was to cluttered. Removed 7 Display cases, 2 Mannequins and added 2 Dagger Display Boxes and a little wellness element
Fixed a couple of clipping issues

v 0.9.1
Fixed grey head bug caused by a wrong directory name

v 0.9
First Beta release.

Required Files:
"Bathing Beauties or Beefcake - Luxury Suite" v5.0 by Migal130 (or a higher version)

Recommended Files:
Summer Wear for BBLS nsfw by RIP88 Those outfits work nicely in the bathhouse as well.

Extract the Contents of the "Data" folder to, your skyrim\Data directory, (typically, C:\Programfiles\Steam\SteamApps\common\skyrim\Data)
Insure BBLuxurySuiteUndergroundBathhouse.esp, is turned on.
Use the NexusModManager to autoinstall.

BBLuxurySuiteUndergroundBathhouse.esp from the data Data folder or disable the mod in NexusModManager

Known Issues:
This mod has to come last of all the BBLS mods especially after rip88's Classier Suite and maybe other mod touching the basement like PlasmaJedi's No Ore Ingots or you might have a wall blocking the entrance. Those mods should run fine together when in the correct load order.

This was done with the 1.8 Version of the Creation Kit and that means that Skyrim has to be Version 1.8 or later.

Please use a savegame outside the Luxury Suite Basement when installing the mod. You might CTD when using a savegame in the basement.

Mannequins are still bugged, so it is highly recommended to use: Vanilla Mannequin Script Fix by SLuckyD
or any other mannequinn fixer. If you like mannequins you probably have something like this already, to prevent the mannequins from doing weird stuff.

A female NPC might be dressed swimming or laying next to the pool when first entering. This is due to the fact that the NPC are on scedule
and the programm places the NPC to the right location without touching the undress script. This will fix itself naturally but if you are impatient, just invite the NPC and move her out of the area she is in (e.g. the main pool) and release her so she can get back to doing her thing.

Migal130, for his beautiful original Mod found here: and his permission to add my triggers to his undress script
RIP88, for his help with the sauna glass and his tips. Check out his Classier Luxury Suite at:
Bethesda, for another fun game.

My other Mod
Bathing Beauties Luxury Suite - Display Room