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Adds a small, underground Tradehouse located beneath the Bee and Barb in Riften. Dawnguard Required.

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The Trader's Nook is a small, underground black market established beneath the Bee and Barb in Riften.

If you have previously used below version 1.12, and NPCs load with their old outfits, or display strange behaviour, take everything you have placed in the Trader's Nook cell out, disable the mod, and then load your game, save it without the mod enabled (to reset the mod preferences) and then re-enable it, and reload. This should fix most problems.

Version 1.20 is suffering from a seemingly unfixable freezing/crashing bug at this point, which I can not find a fix to. I suggest reverting to the more stable 1.15 until this can be resolved if you wish to use this mod. I apologise for any inconveniences.

The Nook was established to circumvent a ban on seedier and illegal goods, as well as certain limits imposed by the East Empire. Sefali, a Redguard pirate was captured by the Imperial Guard, whilst trying to illegally import a large amount of Skooma. Not having the connections or skills to join the Thieves guild or the septims to pay Mercenaries, she formed the Nook with her remaining crew.

Sefali was able to hire young urchins to perform duties, in exchange for food and shelter. The urchins, who now act as couriers, perform duties such as "borrowing" goods from other merchants in town, and paying suppliers.

Along with Sefali, who protects the Nook, three merchants joined her, so that they could operate their businesses unobstructed. Those merchants are:

Afeesi, an Argonian alchemist who was chased out of Markath for distributing potions laced with illegal enhancement substances.

Vasilla Dupree, a half-vampire Imperial who was cast out of the legion after she was found double dealing to the Sons of Skyrim.

Baz Mo'Sharok, an Orcish "collector" who was bailed out of jail by Afeesi to smuggle less than savoury ingredients into Markath for him.

This mod currently features:
- Three separate merchants (one Fence, one General, one Alchemical)
- Fully packaged NPCs, they sell their wares during the day, sleep during the night.
- Hand crafted faces, so they're just a little more pretty.
- An Alchemical table, Grindstone, Anvil and Cooking pot for you to utilise.
- Four Special mixtures made by Afeesi himself, to boost you to your full potential (or so he says.)
- Three rare custom skinned weapons, that will elusively appear in the Fence and General stores now and then.
- Six random guard designs with randomised weapons that will inhabit the Nook and keep watch.
- A sneaky courier who runs errands.

This mod is no longer being worked on!

Dawngaurd is required for this mod.
Subnote: This mod contains edited graphics of public texture packs, of which permission was not specifically denied or given. If you see your own work in any form in this mod and wish it to be removed, please contact me, and it shall be removed immediately.