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Added: 28/10/2012 - 09:39PM
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Last updated at 20:37, 18 Mar 2013 Uploaded at 21:39, 28 Oct 2012

This mod is now in my opinion 100% complete. Any Imperfections will just add character but I'll still support it if there is anything that is god awful that I MUST fix just leave a comment or message me. Also send in some screen shots of your character with my creation...that would be nice but anyways please enjoy.

This is Windfall Manor, a nice manor out of the reach of large city areas and towns, It sits alone on a summit in the Rift region. By looking at it no one would know the dark history behind those walls. Very Lore Friendly. I also took the time to make the NPC Player Path, so you can bring followers and such with you without them doing stupid stuff. Video Below of v0.1

Please download and tell me if you come across any bugs or anything that doesn't fit right.

The lighting feels good to me now that the lighting has been fixed a little bit. I use realistic lighting and it don't feel too dark to me...just right. And if you don't use RL then I say it's perfect but if you think it is too dark feel free to go into the CK and add some lights for your self. Dont upload it just tweak it for you and if you dont use the CK then comment.

*Known Bugs*
If the grass is doing stupid things then go Here:
Followers sometimes will follow into the main hall and other times they wait out side...No fix for this but It don't bother me since I dont use them.

Unzip into Data folder

Any issues leave me a comment or PM me and I'll get back with you as soon as I can.

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