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Mahlzeit88 - Original Version by Gajumaru

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Adds craftable Akaviri 2H steal weapons - now with faster speed and earlier to make.
Supports GDOs (v1.3) SPIKE Virtual Edition !!!

Permissions and credits
This is an alteration of Gajumaru's original version.

Faster and earlier to achieve !!!
Supports GDO's SPIKE VE (optional).

Available for smithing at the SKYFORGE in WHITERUN ONLY (Companions questline)

-increased speed (0.7 up to 0.9/1.0) and longer reach
-now craftable as STEEL weapons (to get them earlier)
-materials according to their appearance
(ingot(s) of steel, quicksilver, plus gold/firewood/soulgems or leatherstrips)
-decreased value

-Guards will comment on them when equipped
if "GUARD DIALOGUE OVERHAUL" by Eck is installed


reduced requirements for crafting and tempering (no moonstone ingot, petty soul gem instead of greater or grand), reduced my own ridiculous high reach :-D

Fixed an error that would keep Guards and NPCs from doing the comment(s) regarding the keyword(s) form SPIKE VE

Supports GDOs (v1.3) SPIKE Virtual Edition.
SPIKE.esm is NOT needed anymore for this version !

Better load after GDO !!!

I can't influence how often the comments will be spoken.

No Guard comments will be replaced !!!
SPIKE unlocks original voiced comments from the game, that you normally won't hear.

REASONS for making:

Gajumaru created some wonderfull swords and sword-like weapons
(Creatable Akaviris Weapons)
which soon became my favorites because of their ancient look and size.

But I felt the need to change some things:

I increased SPEED and REACH a little because of the big size and
my dislike against the slow handling of 2 hand weapons in Skyrim.

To get them earlier in the game I replaced the necessity of DAEDRIC SMITHING with STEEL.
But I didn't want to make it too easy, so...

I replaced Oricalcum and Ebony with materials that I regarded
as more fitting to the look and "historical" background.
(AKAVIRI swords seem to have Quicksilver involved in the CK and Elves use Quicksilver and Moonstone.)

So the basics are steel, quicksilver and moonstone.
Those with a wooden stick now need firewood, gold and a soul gem,
while the swords need leatherstrips for the grip.

Finally I added a keyword to benefit from SPIKE. <-------------------<<<

This will make the Guards comment on your Akaviri Weapon
with an original and unique audio comment.

SPIKE is included in the famous
who encouraged me to share my little alteration.

WHAT?!? You don't have that already???
Get it here:
Guard Dialogue Overhaul <-------------------<<<


This is just an alteration of Gajumaru's "Creatable Akaviris Weapons"

He alone created the weapons and made them craftable.
He granted me permission to share my version on the Nexus.

Also a big thanks to Eckss
for introducing SPIKE along with his "Guard Dialogue Overhaul"

Don't forget to give them an endorsement for their great work!
My changes are just minor and impossible without their mods.