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•ï¡÷¡ï•-•=»‡«=•-•÷±‡±•´¯¥¯`•°l||l° The Dovahkiin Retreat °l||l°•´¯¥¯`•÷±‡±•-•=»‡«=•-•ï¡÷¡ï•
•ï¡÷¡ï•-•=»‡«=•-•÷±‡±•´¯¥¯`•°l||l° \±/ \±/ \±/ \±/ \±/ \±/°l||l°•´¯¥¯`•÷±‡±•-•=»‡«=•-•ï¡÷¡ï•

The Dovahkiin Retreat is a simple player home that has been uploaded here simply to see what others think, get help on any modding issues, and to gain a bit of modding experience as this is my first mod. Hope ya enjoy it!

°l||l°°l||l°The Rooms Currently in the Dovahkiin Retreat include°l||l°°l||l°

Entrance Stairway
Main Hall
Servants Quarters (Mainly for use with ASX or AP)
The Cheaters Haven
Master Bedroom
Storage Room
Teleport Room
Mini Mannequin Room
Torture Chamber
Throne Room
Display Room
Hall of the Dovahkiin Vahlokke (see Version 0.3 Details)

°l||l°°l||l°New Additions°l||l°°l||l°

Version 1.5 =-----= Throne Room Added
Hallway Added
Study Added
Kitchen Added
Display Room Added
Pool Entranced Moved To a More Realistic Place
NavMesh Touched Up And Added
3 New Additions to The Dovahkiin Valohkke (One Human (Working) Two Animals (Just Eye-Candy for Now)
Book Updated (Thanks PhatPat666)

Version 1.4 =-----= Pool Added
A Cheaters Room Has Been Added (Has All Items in the Game With the Exception of Keys (Because Why Would You Need Those In Your House?) As Well as 4 New Just For Fun Weapons. (The Door is Cleverly Hidden Somewhere in the House)

Version 1.3 =-----= Redone Servants Quarters
More Lights (Probably Still Needs More, Let Me Know)
GreyHeadBug Completely Fixed

Version 1.2 =-----= Redone Lighting
Updated Book
GreyHeadBug is Almost Completely Fixed
Switched the Doors in the Entrance Hall to Give the Appearance of Going Underground (Try not to Get Lost)

Version 1.1 =-----= Redone Temple
New Mini Mannequin Room
Mannequins Now Functioning
Display Cases Functioning Properly
Small Addition to Torture Chamber
Secret Door in Temple
Map Marker Added
Lots of little Decorations

Version 1.0 =-----= Redone Basement so its not quite an eyesore.

Version 0.3 =-----= Functioning NavMesh
NPC's to the Temple
Hall of the Dovahkiin Vahlokke - A Hall of Companions whose Name Translates to Dragonborn Guardians (used TES Wiki for Translations, so check there if you want to see their names meanings)
9 Marriageable Followers - 6 Female, 3 Male (One Will Probably Look Familiar if you looked at the Screenshots I posted).

Version 0.2 =-----= NavMesh
Grey Head Bug Fix
Updated Book


Right Behind The Honningbrew Meadry, Making it quite literally, a Home in the Hills.

°l||l°°l||l° Additional Information°l||l°°l||l°

If you have any suggestions or find any bugs please tell me! (Also if you know how to fix any issues there may be, or would be willing to give me a few pointers, any advice is appreciated, this is my first mod). I will update the version if/when suggestions and fixes are made and implemented.

°l||l°°l||l° Coming Soon°l||l°°l||l°°l||l°°l||l°

This is going to be the section where I'll give anyone who maybe interested a glimpse as to what I'm doing with this mod in the CK.

I don't really mind if any others modders out there take inspiration from these notes as even if every detail I use is implemented in your mod it would be impossible for it to be the exact same as a version I may create.

Add a museum of sorts. (inc, daedric artifacts, mythic dawn, lots of notes (possibly on pedistals), banners, armor, Models, City Shield (with city history(?)).

Make the two animal followers work. (Sorry, this one might be a bit beyond my skills at the moment, in my current file I started scripting the Sabre Cat, added all scripts (so it has a press [E] to talk option) but unfortunately no dialogue appears, so I'm planning on following the tutorial again using the wolf and if it works I'll try back tracking on the Sabre Cat, or failing that, starting from scratch before I push this back even further.

Sorry, just realized I screwed up the display cases.

Create a Spoils (Loot) Room.

Hopefully figure out and fix the "Jesus Effect" goin' on with the Pool Room's water.

Add a History of The Dovahkiin Valohkke Book.

Hide Torture Room in wardrobe, (this one might not come to fruition as I can't really find a Dwemer type room with two doors, any suggestions on this would be much appreciated!).