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Last updated at 4:06, 19 Aug 2016 Uploaded at 23:59, 25 Oct 2012

Craft scrolls , a book with every tresure map and books of potions recipes.

"Map Tomes and Writing Table" is now listed on GEMS under the category 910 - Crafting

This mod adds:
- Craftable scrolls (Just vanilla scrolls)
- 2 Craftable Map books
- 3 Craftable Potion Recipe books
- 1 New crafting station (Writing Table(TableTop))

- Potion Recipe books (Basic, Resist and Poisons) - Original idea by mysticentity

- Craftable scrolls
- Cleaner nif

For a start i placed only one station in the world. Dragonsreach, in the court wizard library.

Are you a collector?
If your answer is yes, i bet you have all the maps from I to X.
Is it hard to store all that paper notes?
So... Craft a Map Tome I-X.


You found the other 2 maps... NICE
Now go craft your Map Tome Complete.


- Scrolls: Coal, Roll of paper and a leveled empty soulgem (0:petty, 25:lesser, 50:common, 75:greater, 100:grand) - And you need to know the spell
- Map Tome I-X: 4 Leather, 4 Leather Strips, 10 Roll of paper and the 10 numbered maps
- Map Tome Complete: Map Tome I-X, 2 Leather, 2 Leather Strips, 5 Roll of paper and the 2 other vanilla maps
-Potion Recipes I: 4 Leather, 4 Leather Strips, 10 Roll of paper and all basic potion recipes
-Potion Recipes II: 4 Leather, 4 Leather Strips, 10 Roll of paper and all resist potion recipes
-Potion Recipes III: 4 Leather, 4 Leather Strips, 10 Roll of paper and all poison recipes

Future additions:
- Change the enchanting animation for the writing animation.
- Atronach Forge Recipe books.
- Maybe some new crafting recipes for the Writing Table (leave sugestions on the comments).
- A bench version of the writing table. (If someone can help me with the NIFs, it will be apreciated)

Thanks to:
HoukiCross (for helping me with the recipes)

- Inside Nexus: You are free to use it in other mods, modify existing parts, create new functionalities. (Credit me and link me back)
- Outside Nexus: Maybe... Pm me asking pemission.
- Inside Steam: NONE

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