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Odvar the Afflicted is a custom voiced, quest aware companion. What does that mean? That means he knows what stage of the main quest you're on and may have a few things to say about it.
He's also partially aware of progress in other quest lines.

I'm no longer working on Odvar :(
I had some plans and had lines written for him joining the companions with you, but I've 100% lost interest in modding. Sorry guys!

Hopefully people take this as a bit of inspiration though. I made Odvar not long after I started learning how to mod. Don't feel like you could never make something just because you don't know how.

If you have ideas for mods, open up that creation kit, read/watch some tutorials and start learning!

Here's a few samples!

Odvar seen at 2:22

Voice acting is done by Elijah Lucian.
[email protected]
I think he did a flipping great job! Be sure to give him some love if you agree!

You'll need to do a save/reload the first time you play with him to get his dialogue working properly due to patch 1.7

Skills and abilities

(I want to stress that the "vile vomit" ability is a vanilla ability that all the afflicted in game have. I'd love to take credit for it but I can't D:)

Vile Vomit One of the few perks of his affliction is that Odvar can spew acidic vomit on your enemies.

Poisonous Strikes Odvar's melee attacks deal scaling poison damage in a small area. This does not affect/anger allies.

Odvar's Armor He is a capable alteration mage, and can boost your armor rating for short periods of time. This ability grows as he levels.

Shared XP Don't worry about him killing things before you get the chance. He'll share the XP from his favored skills with you!

Summonable You also don't have to worry about him getting lost. Odvar carries a tome that will teach you to summon him to your side at almost any time.

Main Skills - One Handed, Alteration, Marksman
Secondary Skills - Light Armor, Sneak, Block

Perks - Armsman(2), Agile Defender(2), Light Footed, Dual Flurry


Why not hop in game and ask him?


The Temple of Kynareth in Whiterun

Load Order

- Below UFO
- Above Cerwiden (if you experience issues, that is)
- Or the very bottom, if you have issues getting him to work properly.


When using EFF, you'll have to mind control him.

Seems to clash with Hoth, sadly :(

Ironically... this probably doesn't work with my other mod, Coffee's Companions. Odvar is still present in that file XD

If you experience any issues, please let me know. I tested the ever loving crap out of this, but you can never be 100% sure it's going to work for people.

I'll do my best to help, but getting Odvar to work the way he does now pretty much used all my modding knowledge :P
If I can't help, just know I'll probably be more frustrated by it than you T.T

Thanks to :

JanusForbeare - For helping me with my lack of scripting knowledge. Be sure to check out his mods!
Elijah - For the awesome voice acting!
Bethesda - For the awesome game which has been the foundation for all the amazing mods on the nexus.
insane0hflex,Saiodin,Brodual, olivierhacking and
For the spotlights. These mean a lot!
Ka3m0n - For putting Odvar in GEMS next to some of my favorite mods on the nexus

Changelog :


Gave him a second axe by default. This should help him to stop spamming the armor spell.

Added SEQ file for those still having trouble with his dialogue

Added optional no vomit ESP