Guards Armor Replacement by Taro8
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Added: 24/10/2012 - 09:55PM
Updated: 14/06/2016 - 02:47PM

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Last updated at 14:47, 14 Jun 2016 Uploaded at 21:55, 24 Oct 2012

Hello everyone!

I was faffing about CK learning stuff and I made a little mod, that I would like to release to public, in order to test the grounds.

This mod is a simple replacement for guards armor (only male) and guards helmet (both genders). The armors come from Witcher 2 and helmet was made by hothtrooper44 (I just removed eye guard). Now guards have very militia feeling to them and the new helmet gives more nordic feeling as well, while unmasked face makes them look more human. Personally I enjoy simple armors and the basic chainmail shirt was something I instantly took to my liking. An unintended bonus is a fact that now guards have very much different armor from Stormcloaks, with in turn makes Stormcloaks armor unique for that faction.

Note about household crests: the armor UV map wasnt designed to accept that kind of thing, so some crests ended up slightly misshapen. However I did my best to fix that.

This is a personal mod I made when I was learning stuff, so it is very basic. If you dont like what you see on screens then dont download this.

This is my first skyrim mod, so feedback is very much welcome.

A quick fix for a Female Version (same models as male) by nekollx -


v2.1 - current release
*fixed Whiterun female variant (had Winterhold texture)

*added female version

*added HD helmet retexture Fancyman

*added regional armors for following holds:
- Dawnstar
- Falkreath
- Hjaalmarch
- Markarth
- Riften
- Solitude
- Whiterun
- Winterhold
*made helmet nasal guard shorter
*added gloves and different boots to guards for few holds
*added specularity texture to the helmet

v0.1 - initial release

Just use Nexus Mod Manager to install this.

Open Faced Helmets mod ( I think that if my mod is loaded after it then it will be fine.
Other mods that change guards armors or helmets.

hothtrooper44 - Vendal helmet from Immersive Armors
L0rd0fWar - for converting Witcher 2 armors
Fancyman - for HD retexture of the helmet