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collectable jar hunt

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Well Met !
Welcome to the Great JarHunt fellow seeker of rare items. A hunt to surely test your mettle.These jars are placed all over skyrim for you to find but you have help. Available from any Khajiit caravan you may purchase a guidebook with a list of locations. Happy hunting !

What I have done here is take all my jar mods and put them in one place instead of having 20-some seperate mods. Most jars are animated, some are new, some have been redone for the better. I have removed the old mods in place of this one. Enjoy !
Below is a list of jars to find...
The famous mudcrab in a jar..dragon jar..alduin jar..honeybee..butterfly tree..ships in jars..slaughterfish in a jar..troll jar..skulls jar..dead fairy jar..scarecrow goblin jar..mistress of the dead..angel of death..killer tree..demon..giant..pegasus..cliffracer.spiders feast..olbaid..blackreach mushrooms..tes logo...Whew ! Hope you enjoy finding them all. BG

Trouble placing jars where you want ? Try Decorator Assistant

Added a fix for Angel of Death Jar, wings no longer come off when you drop it. just overwrite the file.
Add copy of book to Arcanaeum and Riverwood trader. Replace the esp with this one.

 A fix has been done by 
       Kelsenellenelvian   for spelling and corrections, overwrite the .esp

DO NOT UPLOAD TO OTHER SITES OR USE ANY ASSETS without permission from me.Thanks