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This mod adds 50 new followers to Skyrim, and makes 10 vanilla NPC your companions (possibly more in future updates). Some of them are pretty and "clean", others don't, this is intended and won't change it.

All of this followers, have their own routines, sandbox, travel, sleep, etc. Most of them don't have predictable schedules (depending on the day of the week, they can be very far from their original location... If you want some general info about their original locations, read the end of this page.

Most of this followers have a minimum level between lvl5-lvl10, though some start at lvl 15.

In addition, I made some small tweaks in some quests, in order to acquire some vanilla NPC as a followers, and also changed their appearence.

They're all marriable. Though could be some exceptions, especially with Khajiit and Argonians, I don't think they can be married, because their voice ( I think) do not allow it, though, I put them anyway into the "marriage faction" just in case... as I said I'm not sure (I've never married an argonian lol, so if someone can confirm this, could be helpful ). Any other follower added by this mod or even the vanilla tweaked NPCs are marriable.


None. But depending of "aeshtethic" or face texture mods you may have, this followers will look different.

Recommended Mods to use with alb084ImmersiveFollowers:

UFO- UltimateFollowerOverhaul by fLooki
My Home Is Your Home -a mod for followers by Volek
Trap Safety by Alek

Aeshtethic Mods:
All in One Face by r3320ca
Covereyes 1 by Mr. Lensky
Gizmodians Scars by Gizmodian and Xenius

There is no problem if you use other mods of this kind (or even vanilla), the followers will just look different than the screenshots, for better or worse. I only used vanilla hairstyles, so if you want to put custom hairstyles in some of this companions, you'll have to do it by yourself on the Creation Kit (I don't want to force anybody to download a mod they may not like, so don't expect changes on hairstyles for my part).


Use Nexus Mod Mannager, or drop the meshes, textures folders and the plug-in, into the Data Files. If you are going to use an optional file, remember to only use ONE alb084ImmersiveFollowers.esp

IMPORTANT: In case you don't want to change the appearences of Vanilla NPCs or in case you have other mod that you prefer changing their appearences, you'll need to install this mod manually. Follow the instructions:
1) Drag all files of "alb084ImmersiveFollowers.rar" into a temporary folder
2) go to "meshesactorscharacterFaceGenDataFaceGeom" and delete "Skyrim.esm" folder
3) go to "texturesactorscharacterFaceGenDataFaceTint" and delete "Skyrim.esm" folder
4) Then drag the Meshes, Textures, Scripts and alb084ImmersiveFollowers.esp into the Skyrim Data folder as usual "SteamSteamAppscommonskyrimData"


None that I know... if you find something, tell me, so I can fix it.

If you like this mod ... ENDORSE IT !!!!

Sorry for the pain that may cause reading my "great" english ;)

Spoiler_ Locations and General Info:

This locations are the places in wich is more probable that you may find them, though, I would recommend don't try to force the "first contact", breaks a bit the purpose of this mod, but, some people requested it, so here it is:

Vanilla NPCs:

- Forsworn Pack: Kaie, Borkul the Beast and Odvan. Requires the quest No One Escapes Cidhna Mine, and of course you have to side with Madanach. Once the quest is finnished, you will find them in Druadach Redoubt.
- Thieves Guild Members: Garthar, Ravyn and Vipir the Fleet. Advance through the thieves guild quest and they will become available as your followers.
- Ingun Black-Briar: Riften, Elgrim's Elixir. Help her and once you finnish her quest she will be your partner... or wife if you want.
- Kjar: Windhelm Docks, on a boat. Just help him, with his annoying problem.
- Dravynea the Stoneweaver: Kynesgroove. Give her the Frost Salts, she desperatly needs :P
- Saadia: Whiterun, Bannered Mare. Help her against the Alik'r. If you side with the Alik'r, obviously she won't follow
- Valdr: Moss Mother Cavern. Aid him.
- Sybille Stentor: Solitude, Blue Palace. She is the vampire court wizard of Elsif. Do her quest.

New followers(Requisites to become followers):

- Agronak, Gogron, Orag, Sharog: The Forgemaster's Fingers or The Cursed Tribe.
- Brina: The Book of Love (Temple of Mara's Quest)
- Faelian, Helende: Search and Seizure (given by the group of Justiciars in Markarth... if you betray them, Faelian/Helende, will dislike you)
- Albert, Caelia: Glory of the Dead (Companions questline > they become followers after the funeral)
- Elsa, Iszara, Ivulen, Galbeldir: The Staff of Magnus (Mages questline > before going to Labyrinthian)
- Vishta'Kai: Whispers in the Dark (Dark Brotherhood questline)
- Ingmar, Ennoc: Drunks!!! give them something to drink.... that's all XD
- Do'Tesh, J'Baasha: Amulet of the Moon (Kharjo's quest.... khajit caravan)
- Samia: Waking Nightmare
- Azzan, Saadia: In My Time Of Need (if you side with Saadia, Azzan won't follow.... if you side with Kematu, Saadia disappears, and Azzan becomes a follower)
- Civil War Followers(you'll find them on military camps): You need to join one of the factions involved in the Civil War. If you side with Stormcloaks, Imperials won't follow.... the same if you join Imperials. They become available, once you give the Jagged Crown to Ulfric, or Tullius.

New followers(Initial Locations):

- Jeelius: Riften Bee and Barb
- Vishta'Kai: Riften Ragged Flagoon

- Elsa: Winterhold_Hall of Countenance. Has her own room.
- Evelyn: Solitude_The Winking Skeever
- Marina: Wilderness_West of Sunderstone Gorge (North of Falkreath Hold)
- Ormax: Imperial Military Camp Winterhold

Dark Elf:
- Dralora: Windhelm_New Gnisis Cornerclub.Has her own room
- Jiub: Windhelm_New Gnisis Cornerclub.Has his own room
- Ivulen Telvanni: Winterhold_Hall of Countenance. Has his own room
- Myvryna Hlaalu: Imperial Military Camp Pale (Dawnstar)

High Elf:
- Faelian: Markarth_Silver Blood Inn
- Helende: Solitude_Radiant Raiments

- Albert: Whiterun_Jorrvaskr. Has his own bed
- Caelia: Whiterun_Jorrvaskr. Has her own bed
- Emelia: Solitude_Winking Skeever
- Ennoc: Alchemist Shack
- Julienne: Imperial Military Camp Eastmarch
- Maesa: Windhelm_Palace of Kings
- Merard: Hall of Countenance. Has his own room
- Solea: Riverwood_Sleeping Giant Inn
- Tyronius: Falkreath_Dead Mans Drink

- Do'Tesh: Falkreath_Dead Mans Drink
- J'Baasha: Old Hroldan

- Bjadmund: Windhelm_ Candlehearth Inn
- Brina: Riften_ Temple of Mara
- Burd: Stormcloack military camp Hjaalmarch (Morthal)
- Grerid: Windhelm_ Candlehearth Inn
- Heddvild: Morhal_Moorside Inn
- Hloggar: Whiterun_ Bannered Mare
- Ingmar: Wilderness_Hunting Camp South of Autumnshade Clearing
- Reinhardt: Stormcloack military camp Reach
- Sandra: Kynesgroove Inn
- Skjorta: Stormcloack military camp Haafingar (Solitude)
- Svenja: Stormcloack military camp Reach
- Svog Silver-Blood: High Hrothgar
- Sybilla: Hunter's Rest

- Agronak gro-Kurdan: Narzulbur
- Gogron gro-Durbul: Dushnikh'Yal
- Orag gro-Yarzol: Mor'Kharzgur
- Sharog gra-Mog: Largashbur

- Azzan: Rorikstead_Frostfruit Inn
- Erla: Crabber's Shanty
- Gogan: Imperial Military Camp Rift
- Iszara: Winterhold_Hall of Attainment
- Samia: Dawnstar_Rustleif House ( Inn or Jarls longhouse, if she is in Dawnstar)

Wood Elf:
- Cindiil: Wilderness_Hunting Camp South of Autumnshade Clearing
- Dagail: Whiterun _ Drunken Huntsman
- Eronor: Cliffside Retreat
- Galbeldir: Winterhold_Hall of Countenance
- Gwinas: Hunter's Rest


Update 1.1
- Raised level cap of all followers to a maximum between 50-60
- 3 Forsworn as followers: Kaie, Borkul the Beast and Odvan. Requires have the quest No One Escapes Cidhna Mine finnished and siding with Madanach.
- 3 Thieves Guild members as followers: Garthar, Ravyn and Vipir the Fleet. More in the future. They work as usual, except that now are recruitable, and marriageable.
- Dravynea the Stoneweaver, now can be a follower as well. Do her vanilla quest for marriage (give her the bloody frost salts ^^') and now she will also be a follower. Also, now she auto-levels as any other normal follower, to a maximum of lvl 50
- Changed the appearences of all mentioned vanilla NPC, except for Vipir the Fleet

Update 1.2
- Added an optional Esp for those who want this followers Protected.
- Now every new follower added by this mod has uniques AI packages .... (they'll have a life now), wich means that they will travel, stay, sandbox, arround Skyrim (except the soldiers, they remain at their military camps), some will travel a lot, others don't. That means, that in this version the spoilers I upload in version 1.0, are not accurate, since they'll all travel. Don't worry you'll find them eventually :P
- 2 New followers, Ingun Black-Briar (found in Elgrim's Elixir) and Kjar (found in Windhelm docks), help them, and they will become your followers.
- Moved the initial location of some followers: Agronak (Narzulbur), Samia (Dawnstar-Rustleif House), Albert (Jorrvaskr), Galbeldir, Merard, Elsa (Hall of Countenance, each of them with their own room ), J'Baasha (Old Hroldan)
- Added Factions to all of them.
- Now some of this followers may report your crimes... others won't, it depends on their morality, and it is intended.

Update 1.3
- Added 20 new followers (AI Packages, factions, etc... included)
- Added an Essential version

Update 1.4
- Raise level cap of all followers to 80.
- Added new vanilla followers: Saadia, Valdr, Sybille Stentor
- Corrected some AI Packages.
- Fixed Ormax Voice.
- Fixed a small bug with the Hunters.
- Added Requirements to these NPCs to become followers. Depending on certain decisions you make, some of them will hate you, so they will never follow you (For more info see the Spoiler section at the end of this page)

Update 1.5
- Got rid of any problem (I think XD)
- Flag them as protected