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A new player home designed around the stunning natural setting of the White Falls north of Ivarstead.

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[size=7pt]White Falls[/size]
[size=6pt]A New Player Home in a Stunning Natural Setting[/size]

[size=3pt]This home is designed around the massive, multi-level waterfall on the east side of the Throat of the World (north of Ivarstead). The majority of the living space is inside its subterranean core crafted by the Dwemer. There are also three external platforms at different heights with stunning views across the Darkwater valley into Eastmarch and The Rift. A perfect house for a nature lover, or someone who likes to relax after a day of dragon killing.

The house has lots of storage with all new non-respawn containers set to “player owned” (so safety of items inside should be comparable to vanilla player houses). It is fully navimeshed and furnished with many ‘idle’ animation triggers for any relaxing followers.

(Armor from the awesome Roman Imperial armor and weapons Mod of Jedo_Dre)

[size=6pt]The Hub[/size]
[size=3pt]The central space of the White Falls home is a domed chamber open to the changing Skyrim heavens. Radiant halls lead to the main zones of the house. Here, a friendly Dwemer Centurion has been implanted with a voice module and is happy to serve as your own personal merchant.

In the Hub can be found a spellbook. It is on one of the planters. It will teach a Recall to White Falls spell.

[size=6pt]The Living Quarters[/size]
  • [size=4pt]Study with a modest collection of books and scrolls[/size]

  • [size=4pt]Massive floor-to-ceiling aquarium with living fish[/size]

  • [size=4pt]A wooden Double bed sporting carved Spriggan figurines[/size]

  • [size=4pt]An enclosed terrarium with butterflies and torchbugs behind the bed[/size]

  • [size=4pt]Refreshment stand with magical refrigeration[/size]

  • [size=4pt]Custom Good vs. Evil chess set (décor only)[/size]

  • [size=4pt]Four mannequins and a dressing area[/size]

  • [size=4pt]Treasure and book storage[/size]

  • [size=4pt]Cabinet of trophies from Dragonborn adventures[/size]

[size=4pt]The living quarters also contain a pool and tavern area. Use other mods (such as UFO, Spouses Can Live Everywhere, and My Home Is Your Home) to bring your followers to their new home. Some can be turned loose in the pool. Water from the falls outside has been channeled in to create a relaxing environment. Your follower might even jump up on the stage in the attached tavern area and play a song.[/size]

[size=6pt]The Crafting Rooms and Dormitory[/size]
[size=3pt]Two rooms hold the tools for all your smithing, enchanting, and alchemy needs. Abundant and thought-out storage makes sure your soul gems, ingredients, ores, and ingots are close at hand.

Next to the crafting rooms is a four-bed dormitory area for your followers. Root them here and they will return to their beds.

[size=6pt]The Museum[/size]
[size=3pt]A huge room is filled with display racks, chests, and mannequins for your treasures. It also sports stuffed trophies of some of Skyrim’s most formidable foes.[/size]

[size=6pt]The Underground Preserve[/size]
[size=3pt]The relaxing views are not found only outside the White Falls Home. The Dwemer ruins are connected to a massive underground chamber sporting a tall waterfall. Four seating areas allow you to watch the friendly wildlife below in the nature preserve (an elk, two wolves, a fox, a sabre cat, and a bunny).[/size]

[size=6pt]Three External Platforms[/size]
[size=3pt]Upper Platform
Viewing platform with a seat, small brookside shrine to Azura, wood chopping block, chicken hutch, friendly goat.

Middle Platform
Seating areas, behind the falls walk

Lower Platform
Seating areas, natural hot spring area (hot tub)

[size=4pt]White Falls Compatability[/size]
[size=3pt]This mod is probably not compatible with any mod that tweaks the layout around the falls, including Falconroost by VapourNZ. Dawnguard is NOT needed.

If your mannequins move around, make sure to have this mod fix installed.[/size]

[size=4pt]Version History[/size]
[size=3pt]V.1.0 Initial Release[/size]

[size=4pt]Coming Soon[/size]
[size=3pt]Optional update to incorporate the awesome General Stores Mod by Harvey2112.[/size]