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Glemsom Mannisk was a reclusive and absent-minded wizard and avid book-collector, immersing himself in the study of the potentially beneficial properties of reflections of magefire on plant life. Not the most powerful or cunning mage, he did gather some fame for his ability to extract himself from the field of battle in the blink of an eye when the tide turned against him (leaving his allies behind - something which did not endear him to everyone). When pressed about this ability he would mumble something about wizards and their tricks.

...until that one fateful day when he and his allies were fighting Venvithvahlok, a fearsome dragon attacking the outskirts of Solitude. The few witnesses who survived the battle report Glemsom looking very surprised, then searching frantically through his robes for something before being eaten whole by Venvithvahlok. His last words, loosely translated, were OH SHIIII*CHOMP*.

His once-mighty tower in ruins, his impressive library stripped bare long ago by envious fellow mages, the ruins now house a small bandit gang and their leader. Defeat the gang, claim the tower for your own, and discover Glemsom Mannisk's secret.

    - good starter home for mages, alchemists, book collectors and anyone with a green thumb
    - also for people with a love of convoluted architecture
    - enchanting & alchemy crafting stations
    - bookshelf space for a whopping 396 books (count them!)
    - plenty of cupboards, chests, satchels, and a rack for your staffs (or swords for the spellsword type)
    - navmeshed & item-safe
    - hard (but not impossible) to reach by foot, head NE from the Thalmor Embassy
    - for the impatient types, coc tinymagetower will take you right inside. Where the bandits are.
    - close to Solitude (as the wizard flies)

The third in my series of tiny homes. Also available: Tiny Tree Home (a small underground cave for nature lovers, thieves, and anyone in need of a small bolthole between Whiterun and Riverwood) and Tiny Alchemist hut, a shack with a stunning viewing deck for alchemists and starting warriors near Riften.

I hope you enjoy using it as much as I did making it. But with less cursing at the CK, of course.