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The Lustmord Vampire Armor pack is a standalone, modular and customizable armor system comprised of multiple parts, with unique features. Requires Dawnguard.

Permissions and credits
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  • Spanish
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  • Polish

Photo by VictoriaG
Weapons pictured are from Dread Knight Set



- Dawnguard installed
- Skyrim patched to at least 1.7

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Lustmord Vampire Armor
- Modular, multi-component Light Armor system for male and female.
- New crossbow with standard and explosive fire bolts.
- Simultaneously supports Vanilla/UNP/UNPB/CBBE body types (each craftable separately).
- Independent spell-based crafting system.
- Mini start-up quest: investigate a disturbance near Lost Tongue Overlook.
- Garter pouch: Equippable storage pouch container (access using "voice" power).
- Bloodthirst: When equipping a full set of Lustmord armor, you can fuel it with Blood Potions to grant an additional 25% armor bonus (view readme for details)

Other Languages:
German translation by Lorina.
French Translation by Oaristys.

(Please send me a PM if you can translate in other languages and send me the link so I can include it here)

1. Download using the Download with manager button or manually (add it under the mods tab)
2. Press the install mod button.

1. Download manually from Nexus. Choose either HD or SD version (do not install both).
2. Extract the 7-zip file and open contents.
3. Copy everything into your Skyrim/Data folder. Overwrite if prompted.

Make sure all the esm and esp files are active in the skyrim launcher under Data Files.

Refer to troubleshooting section if need be.

For a PERMANENT uninstall (as in, you're never going to use this mod again): This method will ensure a SAFE AND CLEAN uninstall process that will reduce your risk of having a corrupted save game.

1. First and foremost, unequip all Lustmord armor piecess and remove them from your inventory (this will ensure there are no lingering magic effects present on your character).
2. Travel into a safe location, such as a vanilla exterior in Skyrim. Wait in-game about 24 hours. Save your game. Quit Skyrim.
3. If you originally installed with NMM, open NMM and uninstall the mod as usual, otherwise skip to step 4 if you originally manually installed.
4. MANUALLY download and install the Lustmord Armor CLEAN UNINSTALLER FILES from the downloads section (unzip and drag all contents into Skyrim/Data). Do not install these files through NMM.
5. Re-load your save game, wait an additional 24 hours in-game. Save and exit.
6. Delete the Lustmord esp and bsa files. Do not delete the scripts in the scripts folder.

Notes and known issues:
If after equipping the Garter, the garter power doesn't appear, just unequip and re-equip the garter.

If after feeding the Lustmord with Bloodthirst power, your armor rating doesnt seem to increase, again, unequip one piece of armor and re-equip it.

Both of these issues are caused by a common problem with the game engine not recognizing equip events, or updating equip-related script processes under certain situations.

Equipping 4 "leather" classed add-ons may trigger the Matching Set perk to activate a second time. Equipping a 5th leather-class piece will return the armor value back to normal (in the inventory screen it may look like the 5th piece is 'dropping' your armor value, but this is only dropping back down to the real value instead of the incorrectly inflated value).

Armor body slots may not be compatible with some mods (causing them to unequip due to taking up the same body slot even though they don't overlap). To help decrease this issue I created this thread back on Feb 8 (whether mod authors choose to follow this protocol is entirely their decision):
Body node discussion thread

How do I craft this armor?

You should have received an initial quest marker (look in the Miscellaneous section of your quest journal). Locate the disturbance near Lost Tongue Overlook by following the objective marker. You will receive the Chaos Forge spell tome after completing this small quest.

Make sure you are patched to at least Skyrim patch 1.6 in order for the quest markers to appear. If for some other reason the quest markers do not appear, double check your journal and highlight/unhighlight the quests to make the markers re-appear.

Once you cast the crafting spell learned from the tome, you will see 4 categories: Daedric, Leather, Jewelry, Misc.
Daedric - contains all of the armor's "hard goods" - stuff like Cuirass, Gauntlets, Boots, Weapons etc.
Leather - contains all of the armor's "soft goods" - stuff like Hoods, Cloaks, Tasset etc
Jewelry - contains all of the armor's enchantable jewelry
Misc - contains all of the armor's female body variants. Supports: UNP/Vanilla ("Default"), UNPB ("Blessed"), CBBE Curvy ("Curvy"). Use this in case you or your followers have a unique body type that differs from the default installed female body type.
For the Garters: Curvy fits CBBE Curvy, the default one will work for both the standard and Blessed body types.

Does this mod require Daedric perk?

No, you can craft all the pieces without the perk, but you will want to get the Daedric Smithing perk if you want to take advantage of the 2x tempering buffer.

Is this armor for vampires only?

Although it was made specifically for vampires, you do not actually need to play as a vampire to use it. The armor itself is "vampiric" though, as in, it drinks blood to gain power.

Why do some armor parts have no armor value?

They actually do have armor value. It is a percentage based armor boost that increases depending on how many extra pieces you equip (maximum of 3 stacked percentages). Tempering your base armor set will increase the added amount of protection as well.

Refer to my Mod User's Survival Guide

Dimon99, Caliente, Calyps - for creating great female body types.

You may NOT re-upload or use any part of this mod without my permission.