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Player friendly treehouse and small estate.

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Falconroost is a new treehouse style player's home. It is situated up the steep mountain trail to the West of Fort Amol, just inside the Eastern border of Whiterun Hold.
Falconroost features a small but comfortable home, with cooking facilities, double bedroom and modest storage for a number of items. Outside you will find blacksmithing equipment, and within a pleasant outdoor area, an alchemy station for blending potions.
Falconroost has a head-spinning view down a beautiful waterfall filled valley with plenty of resources in easy walking distance.

No other mods necessary.

Compatible with Skyrim and Dawnguard.
Possibly incompatible with levelers tower mod.
Probably incompatible with White Falls mod.

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Thanks Nexus!

Video from LiveStyleGaming's "Skyrim Mod of the Day: Episode 75": Falconroost on LSG. Thanks heaps Veradun!
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Please be aware that if you downloaded version 1.0, it caused an issue where the chests would go missing in other player owned homes.
Version 1.1 fixes this. Sorry for any inconveniences this may have caused.