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Last updated at 3:48, 25 Oct 2012 Uploaded at 3:30, 21 Oct 2012

This is the first mod I've ever created, so please go easy on me. I was and still am a huge fan of the Qarl's Harvest mod for Oblivion, so when I saw that there weren't any actual apple trees anywhere in the land of Skyrim, I decided to fix that.

This mod places harvestable apple trees throughout Skyrim. The apples are fully Havok physics-enabled, meaning there are over a dozen individual apples hanging from each of the trees that you can either pluck down by hand, or shoot off the tree using arrows or spells. These are normal vanilla apples which can be eaten and used in cooking recipes, and they are compatible with all hunger mods.

There are currently seven apple trees added by this mod, with many more to come. One of the trees is located nearby an ivy-covered stone wall in the middle of Riverwood. You can see it from the stump where Ralof and Gerdur have their conversation at the beginning of the game. It's right across the tiny stream from that stump. Another tree is across the Riverwood bridge on the bank on the opposite side from the village. There are five more trees in a small apple grove behind the Honningbrew Meadery.

I should also mention that as it turns out, apples in Skyrim are not particularly buoyant -- both of the Riverwood trees are located nearby the water, so if you shoot down an apple and it happens to roll into the stream, it will sink and roll along the bottom.

If you're using the hunger mod TRO: Basic Needs, be sure to download the compatible version of this mod. Otherwise all your apples will be stale. There shouldn't be any issues with other hunger mods, as these apples are original unmodified objects from the vanilla game. To my current knowledge, ONLY TRO: Basic Needs requires a special patch.

To install, unzip the contents of the file to your Skyrim Data folder, then make sure the esp is checked and you should be good to go. To uninstall, just uncheck the esp. This shouldn't conflict with anything that I'm aware of, unless there's a Riverwood mod that happens to stick a building or something right in the exact space that I've put a tree. Doubtful, but stranger things have happened. If this turns out to be the case, I'll move the trees.

This mod IS compatible with Expanded Towns and Cities. I haven't tested it with any other mods that change Riverwood, so if you're using a different Riverwood mod alongside CP Apple Trees, I'd love to know whether it is or is not compatible.

CP Apple Trees was recently featured in the Skyrim Mod Spotlight video series!

Next update will include a tree outside the city of Whiterun, and two more within Falkreath Hold. In the future, I plan to introduce apple seeds which will allow the trees to be planted and grow in any suitable place of your choosing. I have no estimated release date for this feature, as the scripting is an extraordinarily complex task for my limited skill and wouldn't be possible at all without the help of the very talented Chesko.

If you encounter the problem with most of the apples falling off the trees, make sure you're using the latest version of the mod, v1.3. It fixes the issue.

v1.0: First release.
v1.1: Removed the flexibility of the trunk and branches, which might help stop the apples from being knocked off the trees en masse by the wind. Also took some floating apples and hung them back on the trees where they belong.
v1.2: Finally squashed the stubborn falling apples bug. Apples are now permanently affixed to trees until picked or hit by a projectile or attack. Also added TRO: Basic Needs compatibility.
v1.3: Added small grove of five trees behind the Honningbrew Meadery.
v1.3a: Fixed an issue that was causing CTDs in the TRO: Basic Needs version. Made a small change to ensure new games will have perma-glued apples.

The tree meshes and textures were taken from a free-for-use modder's resource called Harvestables by ChickenDownUnder, and all credit for the original models goes to him or her.