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Basic replacer for the derpy Male idle

Permissions and credits
-Skyrim Nexus first Real Male Idle Replacer-

Born out of the need for a less ape like idle stance for Skyrims Male population.
Ever wondered who Bethesda modeled the idle stance off? Were they tired? Carrying heavy suitcases up and down stairs before modeling?
Sick of the lumbering, lazy, limp armed animation I decided to dig deep into the Skyrim Archives and pull out some nicer more appropriate idle animations.

Thanks to everyone who voted me into Hotfiles. Your feedback and Votes are very much appreciated.

[]Arms Folded (no looping animation)
[]Examine Animation, (animated, arms will drop and then raise again over time)
[]Study Idle (thinking mans Idle)
[]Optional Tweaked Vanilla - This removes the awkward ape like stance of the male. Pushes shoulder forward slightly, raises shoulders (based off anger idle) is less extreme then other versions.
[]Optional Tweaked Vanilla 2 - Relaxed Stance. Head slightly down, body relaxed, slight animation (sway) Minor Issue when Animation Resets theres a small jump.

[] Important : Only Pick One. They will Overwrite Each Other.

These are pulled straight from the vanilla animations and chosen with clipping and smooth transition in mind.

They might not be for you but, if your like me and sick of the arms of your character hanging there limply then this is for you.

This mod should be compatible with any other mods that dont replace the mt_idle.hkx in the Data\Meshes\actors\character\animations\male folder.

If anyone knows how to stop the loop animation on the Examine Idle please let me know.

Many thanks to LiveStyleGaming or Preykousis as hes known on the Nexus for the feature in his mod of the day.

Also thanks to Brodual for the feature to!

Can cause "complications" with shields and torches, no real way around this at the minute, the idle counts for both so you may end up with a shield clipping through your face. This is because the same animation counts for both the idle, shield and torch holding idles.

Enjoy and Endorse.

V1.1 removes extra file (dunno how it got in there)
v2 Messed up pathing (placed idle file in wrong folder fixed now all files no longer same idle)