Tiny Alchemist Hut by Acid Zebra
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The second in my (hopefully) series of tiny homes, this one-room house offers basic amenities geared towards alchemists or a starting warrior. Renovated by a doting warrior husband for his alchemist wife, the previous occupants have met with an uncertain fate - some details may be found in the wife's journal located in the shack. Skyrim is a dangerous place, after all...

One of the most striking features is the viewing deck which together with its elevated location makes for stunning vistas - spend time gazing out over the valley or at the stars and moons, or watch the sun rise over the mountains in the morning. Chairs provided, bring your own mead!

    - alchemy station and cooking pot inside- tanning rack, sharpening wheel, and chopping block outside- 2 chests and a weapons rack- growing beds for plants (inside and out)- close to Riften, yet in a secluded location- navmeshed (finalized this time!) & item-safe- note the interior never resets, so if you harvest the plants they will be gone. If anyone knows a workaround that would be great. The exterior should reset on the default schedule (10 days/240 in-game hours) if you don't enter the cell within that time (which resets the timer)- made with and for 100% vanilla Skyrim, should play well with DLC and other mods- find it yourself using the mapmarker or the map screenshot, or if you're the impatient type coc tinyalchemisthut/tinyalchemisthutexterior

For the first in the series, see Tiny Tree Home, aimed at nature lovers, wood elves, and people in need of a hideout (thieves, perhaps :P). For the latest, grab Tiny Mage Tower, for mages, book lovers,and people who enjoy convoluted buildings.

Dev notes:
- wanted to build a treehouse, but inspiration struck and it turned out differently :)
- actually less tiny than I thought it would be
- still pretty small though
- the Bethesda-authored navmeshes surrounding the cell were actually pretty dicey
- did some minor landscaping because trees were in the way of the view

I hope you like it.