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About this mod

Exports your character STATS / SKILLS / PERKS / SPELLS / GOLD / WEAPONS / GEAR / ALCHEMY INGREDIENTS into a batch file. Then import it through the console on a new-character to start over but continue where u left off with your character level progression (Support included for AutoPerkStats)

Permissions and credits
- Support for mods like Enhanced Perk Points & Dragon Soul, check .ini file for more details
- Auto equip your armor / weapons that your exported chararcter was wearing at the time (excludes Quest Items / Nonplayable Items / and Third Party addons)
- Fixed Auto Exportation feature, was broken
- No longer need the console to import your character, just press SHIFT+F3 (supports big batch files unlike Vanilla Skyrim)

- New options available [CharExport.ini] has changed, check .ini file for more details
- Now Exports your Alchemy Ingredients / Armor / Weapons / Ammo (excludes Quest Items / Nonplayable Items / and Third Party addons)
- Includes a Auto Save feature everytime your character progresses a skill level (off by default)
- Supports better keybinding allows modifiers (ie.. Control / Alt / Shift) which are editable inside the .ini file

- Fixed a gold duplicate bug when importing character inside a loaded game, minor bug fixes

- Bug fixes, Implemented Auto Exporting, Support for AutoPerkStats Addon, Code Cleanup

- Fixed a bug which would not export the proper STATS / ATTRIBUTES when they were modded with ring/armor or etc

- Spells are now exported, seperated the files of the Binaries and Source Code

- Gold is now able to be exported, The output file created is more readable with comments showing you which perk is what etc..

- Initial Release

? Batch Scripts
The new batch files that are created with the default key SHIFT+F4 are not compatable with Vanilla Skyrim, they include functions specifically for Chararcter Export, so importing them via ingame console could results in unexpected results, inside
If you want to use Vanilla Batch files then inside CharExport.ini under the .ini section [Script] edit ExportVanillaBatch to equal 1

? Editing Hotkeys
Edit the file CharExport.ini under the .ini section [main]
  • key_export=SHIFT+F4
  • key_import=SHIFT+F3

You can change the subkey variables to anything you like examples CTRL+F1, ALT+F1, F1 you get the idea
Would be best if you didnt assigned keys to the in the game controls.. example standard favorite HOTKEYS, 1234568

Ever wanted to have that feel of a "New Game+" feature, or wanted to export your character STATS, ATTRIBUTES, LEVEL, GOLD, SPELLS, PERKS, ARMOR, WEAPONS, AMMO, INGREDIENTS incase you ran into trouble with your Save File or you wanted to do things differently but did not want to re-level your character when making a new game. Well now you can do that, this plugin supports the following
  • Magicka / Health / Stamina
  • Attributes (i.e: Alteration,Illusion etc..)
  • Spells / Perks
  • Gold

Previous versions you had to spend your Perk Points well now this is not the case. Your level is now calculated by how many perk points you have spent.
Example.. say your character is level 36 and you have 1 unspent perk point because you chose to save onto that for later. If you Export your character with that 1 perk point unspent it will register your character is still at level 35

NOTE - This does not change or alter the appearance of your character

Just place [CharExport.asi] & [CharExport.ini] into your /Skyrim/ASI directory (if ASI Subfolder does not exist please create it), then run the game as normal. Press the default key SHIFT+F4 to export your character and press SHIFT+F3 to import your character

The following files are generated based on preferences
  • [charExport.script] - Default file when SHIFT+F4 is pressed, under the new Batch Script system do not import via console
  • [aps_charExport.txt] - AutoPerkStats support, only exports level / attributes / spells due to AutoPerkStats calculates it self (Disabled by Default)
  • [auto_charExport.txt] - Auto Exported file every 60 seconds that is passed (Enabled by Default)

Dragon Script is required for this mod to work

NOTE - If you find this mod useful, please support it by tagging and endorsing it