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I would like first to thank especially T3nd0 for allowing make a tweak mod and iPalantir for permission to use his idea and scripts, without those two would never have posted this.
Part of the idea and the execution of this mod thanks to iPalantir and his mod:

About the lastest version.
The previous last version was 1.02, the next of 1.02 is "To skyre 1.0" , sorry for the confusion. I changed the numbering to make it consistent with skyrim redone.

***Dragonborn to version 1.0 or higher.

Skyre_Main.esp must be load before my mod.
Therefore Skyre_Perk_Tomes must be load after Skyre_Main.

My mod is made based on SkyRe Should be perfectly compatible for future updates, with appropriate arrangements for changes in perks.

Added books with the perks of this fantastic mod, all in a new way of selling can get those skill points that might be missing.

Recommended Version will be the least intrusive, and I recommend using as a supplement to skyre.
Of the 584 perks in skyre, 308 can only be achieved by the usual method (leveling up), is what I consider Primary perks.
The remaining 276 perks, you can get them buying them from the respective vendors, Secondary perks.

Marksmanship,Destruction, Heavy and Light Armor have a particular system to bring up their books with help of Dwemer buttons(see images above):
MARKSMANSHIP----------------- A short bow perk unlock a long bow perk tome and vice versa.
DESTRUCTION-------------------- Unlock any level of augmented flames/augmented frost/augmented shock/intense flames/deep freeze/eye of storm unlock perk tomes complementary. May be a master of the 3 elements investing perk points for a single branch and enough money of course.
HEAVY AND LIGHT ARMOR----- Getting perks in Light Armor allow buy Heavy Armor perks and vice versa.

RECOMMENDATION: The script of Dwemer Buttons seems run slowly, I recommend pressing the button several times, 5 is fine. For now has no sound, but after pressing the button, if you had a perk from those described here the seller shall new perk tomes available.

Everything is my vision of the mod, with my limitations of ignorance of many of the perks on Skyre, so do not rule out major changes in prices and / or volumes availables.

Proportionally related to the level of skill of requested, although there are exceptions and variations between trees, The standard is:
Skill 0 : 250 base value
Skill 20 : 500 base value
Skill 30 : 750
Skill 40 : 1000
Skill 50 : 1500
Skill 60 : 2000
Skill 70 : 2500
Skill 80 : 3000
Skill 90 : 4000
Skill 100: 5000
Skill 110: 7000
Skill 120: 9000
Skill 130: 11000
Skill 140: 13000
Skill 150: 15000

*The books work exactly how the mod, you need the required skill level and previous perk.
****500 base value at the beginning of the adventure with only 15 speechcraft, whitout perks or others --- 2500 gold.
****500 base value with 100 speechcraft whitout perks or others(enchanted equip) ----- only 750 gold.

In Winterhold, in The Arcanaeum, see images above.

The amount of SkyRe perks are 584 perks(I've told), you just feel like between 1.3 perks per level(with the recommended uncapper). Many of them only benefit very specific things, exemplified:
The One Handed skill has a total of 71 perks. 12 of them are general benefecian any weapon, 6 of which only benefit if you have a weapon in one hand and the other empty or spell, 8 of them only benefit if you carry two weapons to one hand,other 12 benefit combat with fists and 33 of them only benefit types usually very specific weapons.

My idea is to sell at least 33 perks of benefits. Thus discriminating between primary perks (those obtained by level up) and "secondary" (those obtained for money). Giving utility money, when alone only serves to coaches and houses. Not eliminate the possibility of using skill points for "secondary" skills.

Another example: Destruction has 44 perks, including 13 generals, 24 based on elements, 5 and runes and 2 in robes. of the 24 elementary logically 8 per element, why I have to spend 24 points to become proficient in all types of spell? Why I was forced to use only one element to minimize cost investing only in one element? Especially when has implemented major strengths and weaknesses of the different elements, but if you only have a strong element type probably you're forced to use it forever, even though you know that the enemy is resistant to it.

V1.2 To Skyre 1.2
Perfectly matches again.

V1.1 To Skyre 1.1
Perfectly matches again.

V1.001 to Skyre 1.0
Minor update fix:
-Fix "Incite I" and "Clockwork Dreams I" Perk Tomes. Now requires previous perk correctly.
-Added "Onslaught I and II, "Disorient" and "Venomous Coercion" to their respective vendors.
-"Puppeteer" spelled correcty, before pupeteer.
-Other minor fixes in Destruction with contract perks.

Version Skyrim Redone 1.0 ALL THE PERKS
I changed the numbering to make it consistent with skyrim redone. Again matches perfectly with newest Skyrim Redone Version.
V0.99.23.5 ALL THE PERKS also available to NOT Dragonborn Users.

V1.02 To Skyre 0.99.23
Changed weight of Contrat Perks from 50 to 30, since they are 3 per element,not 2.
Added Contract Perks to Stonefist Disciple 1 to 5, Crushing Blow and Moving Mountains 1 to 3, WEIGHT 5 per book.
Added Contract Perks to Windfist Disciple 1 to 5, Style: Monkey and Latent Power 1 to 3, WEIGHT 5 per book.

V1.01 Minor upfix:
Fixed dirty edit of Dragonsreach, thanks to Tes5Edit, with CK was impossible.
Fixed NPC Wayfarer Master, before Wayferer Master.
Fixed Leader's Voice Perk Tome.
Fixed Dual Flurry Perk Tomes.
Fixed location The Arcanaeum, before El Arcaneum.

V1.0 Updated to Skyre Stable price system:
Skill 0 : 250 base value
Skill 20 : 500 base value
Skill 30 : 750
Skill 40 : 1000
Skill 50 : 1500
Skill 60 : 2000
Skill 70 : 2500
Skill 80 : 3000
Skill 90 : 4000
Skill 100: 5000
Skill 110: 7000
Skill 120: 9000
Skill 130: 11000
Skill 140: 13000
Skill 150: 15000

New "Perk Tome Contracts" to Blistering Soul, Cold Soul, Voltaic Soul, Electromancer`s Contract, Pyromancer`s Contract, Cryomancer`s Contract.

Weight of these equal of 50, but they are not destroyed when read, can you leave them at home for other contracts when you think necessary.

Windfist and Stonefist and next updated.

v0.92 Added new system to Light and Heavy Armor and Destruction. Only left balancing.
v0.91 Added new system to archery, a short bow perk unlock a long bow perk tome. You only have to press the Dwemer buttons near the seller
v0.9 All trees, failing to get the script to the final version, nearly 600 Perk Tomes.
V0.1 Only books of Light Weaponry(One Handed) and Heavy Weaponry(Two Handed), in total 80 Perk Tomes.

Do different versions requiriments of money? Surely.
Implement books in the world? mod could change too, I don't know.

Price distribution ideas are very welcome, but try to explain that you want to achieve with the changes you comment.
Sorry for my english.