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In this tutorial, I explain step by step how to turn your player character into a follower that has a customized appearance that relies on no other appearance mods.

Permissions and credits

Anything I created is free for use and derivitive work. None of mods were complete and I apologize that some of them were never finished. If someone wants to pick up where I left off, they are welcome to use my work by either uploading their own mod or I can give them access to that mod's page.

My custom work will continue as planned.

Thanks everyone for your support and hopefully I will come back soon. But alas, I have a seasonal job and until April 15th, I don't know how much time I will have, or when I do have time, if I'll want to return to skyrim modding.

UPDATE 1.1 - Fixed link between pages 4 and 5, and added an appendix on facetint, changing haircolor, and much more!

UPDATE 1.2 - Fixed broken images and link between pages 5 and 6.

Big thanks to Insane0hFlex for featuring my tutorial:

My attempt to share my knowledge on creating NPC's with customized appearances. This will allow your followers to have their appearance 'out of the box' without any other mods installed.

I do ask that if you use my tutorial to create a follower that you link back to it, I like to know that I've helped others!

Note/disclaimer: I am new to modding, and this is my very first tutorial on ANYTHING EVER. There are other ways to do just about everything in this tutorial, and I'm sure there are faster/better ways. I'm just offering my knowledge, I don't pretend to know all. Please keep that in mind, and let me know if there's something I can improve upon. Also this has NOT been proofread, and i did a lot of it in the wee hours of the morning.

Credits (aka the mods I ripped apart to see how to do this!):
Basskimm -
Grospolina -
Mayatola -
hellosanta - and

Planned Updates:
Appendix A: Consolidating Folders to Save Time/Disk Space
Appendix B: Appearance Mod Guide

DONE 10/19 UPDATE 1.1 - Appendix C: Facegen Tweaks:
-Optional - Edit facetint
-Optional - Changing Haircolor
-Optional - Opening Head in Photoshop 3D