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Outdoor lighting for the Hearthfire Heljarchen Hall home.

Is your Heljarchen Hall home too dark outside?
Do you get attacked by unseen enemies?
Do you just want to feel at home, instead of in the woods?

If any of these are true, or you just want a cozy feeling, then try Lights for Heljarchen Hall.
This outdoor lighting fixtures are constructed as you would normally have created it in the process of building your home. The light poles are constructed out of sturdy pine, and the lanterns have 2 candles in them.

Free standing light poles designed to give more lighting surrounding the Heljarchen Hall player home added by the Hearthfire DLC.
Please note that the Hearthfire DLC is required.

The light fixtures are stand alone which means whatever configuration you create your house, they will to blend in and create a warm atmosphere for outdoor, night time living.

- The lights do not appear on the property until the player purchases the property from the Jarl.
- Forge light is dependent on the Forge
- Stable light is dependent on the Stable
- Carriage light is dependent on the Carriage

I was going to add this in as a building option for the player to build at the bench, but I abandoned the idea because if Bethesda changes the scripts (and they will), it will break my MOD.
If the player does not want the lights, they can disable the MOD.

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Other lit homes are under construction, and comments are always welcome.

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