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Farm everywhere.
This mod creates fertile soil spots for planting much like farming in Hearthfire.

Supports all the plants from Heartfire planting pluss elvesear , frost mirriam, garlic, crimson nirnroot, Jarris root from the dark brotherhood quest.
It also let you plant eggs for nests, the chicken nest spawn chickens + spider and chauus eggs who spawn spiders and chauus for defense.
From Dawnguard the gleamblossom, yellow mountain flower , soul husk and the poison bloom

To farm you need an farming hoe, craft one with one iron and one firewood piece on an anvil.

Stand still and do 3-4 basic standing power attacks, you see that you create an mound of fertile soil.
You can now click on it and select an seed from the list to plant, one is required, if you add more the rest is returned.

The mound changes, 24 hours later the plant has grown up, after harvest it uses three days to grow back,
you do not have to be away for it to grow back. Note you will only get one ingredient not 3-4 like in Hearthfire but you can plant as much as you want.

Advanced functions: If you sneak then accessing the empty and unplanted mound you can remove it, you can also move it or rotate it,
this can be useful then decorating or in hilly terrain.

After planting you cannot move it anymore but you can remove the plant, move and plant another if you sneak.

You can also plant various eggs that become nests. Chicken nests have a chance of giving chickens.
Spider and chaurus eggs sacks will produce Spider and chaurus if left in four days.
They will be friendly to player and other friendly creatures and can be used as guards for Hearthfire homes or other wilderness settlements.
However spiders and chaurus are hostile to each other so you cannot have both at one place.

You only get one creature from a nest or egg sack but will get a new after the creature dies.

Tips: For speed its best to make multiple mounds then plant them. Then planting in slopes, don't walk up and down the slope but sideways in the hill,
you might have to move or rotate the mounds anyway for an good looking result.
Empty mounds disappears after three days, this is planned.

Note: Do not wait next to the plants for them to regrow, move to another cell. Just waiting does not trigger the script to check if plant is harvested.

Require: Hearthfire for plant models and SKSE for scripts.
The Dawnguard version also require Dawnguard, only use one of the versions.