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The Inquisitor is a grim figure, looked upon with equal measures of awe and dread
for they have the authority of an investigator, a judge, and an executioner-

while the people of Skyrim agree that the Inquisitor's work is critically important
rare is the citizen who does not feel pangs of dread when they lay eyes upon one
for it is understood that most Inquisitor's would sooner burn an entire village to the ground
than see a single Daedra worshipper go free.

By blade, crossbow and torch, they are determined to cleanse Skyrim of evil!

If you Update from alpha8.5 to v0.5 you should uninstall the old version using NMM or manually you have to delete "VampireHuntersCoat.esp." in your data folder and delete
in data/textures/"vhunterarmor" and data/meshes/"vhunterarmor", thats because the new version uses another file structure and esp.

Requires Dawnguard!

this mod adds a Lore-Friendly Light and Heavy Armor perfectly suitable for a Vampire Hunter or Huntress,
craftable under Leather and Steel Categorie.

comes in two different colors, Black and Dark-Brown.

Always deinstall the mod completely when updating to another version.
Come back to Endorse if you like it.
And post your own Screenshots with the Armor.


Bob's Armory for many awesome Swords and Hats.

Flintock Pistol
by knivezuchiha

One-Handed-Crossbows more Lore-Friendly then pistols.

Musket-Mod by ghosu

Shars Deadly Torches incinerate dem nasty Heretics!

Torch Club burn the Witch!

Van Helsing Crossbow by mjy.

Jimmy Outfit and Jerkin

Imperial Investigator Coat

Roadstrokers Sorceres Outfit

also check out some awesome Screenshots of the Coat on this Japanese site, im totally impressed by them!

Install using Nexus Mod Manager (NMM)
1. Download the file
2. Select the file in the Mods tab of NMM, and click on the "Activates the selected mod" button.
If asked if you want to overwrite existing files say "Yes to all".


thanks to Mr. Dave for letting me use his Hat meshes from Bobs Armory
NOTE: i got the permission to use them you are not allowed to reupload them in any circumstances without permission from Mr. Dave.

thanks to reecpj for letting me use his Witch Hunter Hat

thanks to s3b3k87 for his RealLike ENB i used on my screenshots.

thanks to Shadowjin for inspiration and help, check out his
Vampire Hunter Gear

thanks to SydneyB for the Jacket meshes from his Romantic Outfits

thanks to CD project for the all those Armors from the Witcher and
L0rd0fWar for importing them to Skyrim.

thanks to Bethesda for Skyrim and the awesome Dawnguard Armors.

thanks to the Warhammer franchise for inspiration.