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Adds a medium-sized defensible stronghold to the tundra of whiterun for the dragonborn to claim as his/her own.

What you get
A brutal good looking home in the tundra complete with a drawbridge, three watchtowers, many sharpened sticks, a house, a smithy and a dirtcellar for storage. Also contains all crafting stations.
The stronghold contains lots of weapon displays, bookshelves and non-respawning containers all placed in an immersive manner. No perfect rows of identical chests here (I hate those). The stronghold is fully navmeshed and companion-friendly, just dont tell your companion to wait outside the walls, raise the drawbridge and call on him/her. He/she might die if you do so. Because under the drawbridge is a hole with sharp pointy sticks. Beware.

PS: You have to kill a paranoid bandit chief who lives in the stronghold...

Latest skyrim patch.

Recommended mods
To enhance your experiance with homes in skyrim i recommend the following mods:
Unlimited bookshelves
Vanilla Mannequin Script Fix

For those of you who want guards and more bedrolls at the stronghold i can recommend using the following mods:
My Home Is Your Home - a mod for followers
Althirs Camping Tools - Portable Fire and Tent

Use NMM , Easiest way.
Or you can do it the old school way by extracting the 7z in your data folder and tick the HSFStockade.esp in your Skyrim launcher.

Special thanks
Eldiabs for Modders Resource-Weapon Racks-Bookshelves-Plaques-Mannequins.
This guy saved me hours of work!