Cleric Armour upgrade Ebony V1_3 by Sharda daejones and Zonzai
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Added: 04/12/2011 - 03:40AM
Updated: 11/12/2011 - 10:21PM

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Last updated at 22:21, 11 Dec 2011 Uploaded at 3:40, 4 Dec 2011

Let me start by giving thanks to:
daejones, Who has made the orriginal Cleric Armour on which this upgrate is inspired.
The work done by this person deserves a lot of credit. deffinatelly more so than I do myself for this upgrate.
To see the orriginal Cleric Armour, go here:


Zonzai, All know it, all seen it, and most love it, and I'm no exception.
The 14 HQ Noctural robes. outstanding work, that deserves plenty of credit.
I have used one of his creation, 4092 by 4092, and recollored and modified the robe
to make the Cleric Upgrade even more apealing.
To see the 14 HD Nocturnal robes, go here:

CBBE version of this Mod. enjoy ^^

-Craftable Cleric-

-Nocturnal Textures-

Now for this Mod itself

-Update Notes-
V1.3 Cleaner textures.
V1.31 Wolf Armour Replacement, texture path Fix
uninstall version 1.1 before installing 1.2

I have made the mod fully compatible with Nexus Mod Managed & the orriginal Cleric Armour.
It no longer replaces the orriginal. this is the reason you have to uninstall v1.1
It is recommended that you first uninstall "Armor Ebony Gold Female"
as this mod works with several files removed from the orriginal Mod.

I have fused several mods together and modified further upon them
to make what I have created here.
The original mod replaces the Wolf armor, this one ONLY replaces the Ebony armor.

_The Files_
- Ebony Gold. HD Ebony armor, slightly recolored and with Gold trims.
- Ebony Black and White. a black and white version with no shineness tot he armor except the white trims.
- Ebony White Gold, Shiny white armor with bright golden trims
(Sure is hard keeping detail there while making something near black to white)

Wolf Replacement. (Does not require mainfile)
This is fully compatible with Ebony replacement.
You can have Ebony 1 color, Wolf another, no problem.

Wolf Cleric Addon
Gloves, Boots are added for the Wolf Replacement.
AND Male armour (colorized) versions added to the Wolf Armor.
Requires Wolf Armour Replacement

It quickly became noticble, even as I have released two different versions.
Requests keep flooding in, but mostly in ways that don't help me understand
what you all trully desire. So I made a small list of 5 points.
just rename the name with a color (Optional: and a little description)
and post it in either Comments or PM me.
Then I will see what I can do.

Color Template looks like this.
1. Ebony
2. Nocturnal
3. Trim Ebony
4. Trim Nocturnal thick outline.
5. Trim Nocturnal artistic lines.

example (Ebony Gold)
1. Dark Metalic.
2. Black.
3. Flame Gold.
4. Gold
5. Bright Gold.

Daedra Priestess Armour.
Forum post

Archmage replacement version. (Could use suggestions on Color Template for this)

-to do-
A Lot, wish I had more time.

-Known Issues-
There are some clipping issues.
some can be fixed, others not so easelly.
most can't be fixed untill the Creation Kit is released.

Just like almost all mods, unpack in your Skyrim Data folder.

remove the folders it texture,

remove in Meshes the folders.