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Adds a unique log cabin that belongs to an alchemist and his wife, who happens to be a blacksmith. If you decide to kill them then ownership of the cabin will pass to you. If not, then enjoy the extra little atmosphere that this mod provides.


Owners are fully AI'd and act as merchants - Soldin is an alchemist merchant and Rostei is a blacksmith merchant.

Several containers, including a sewing supplies container (complete with spools and buttons), food basket, and bottle rack
Seven weapon racks
Two weapon plaques
One display case
One unique wooden sword of speed (it attacks VERY fast but has a low base damage value)
Two mannequins
Lots of unique clutter goodies that the player can interact with
Crafting areas (alchemy lab, workbench, grindstone, forge)
A garden
Two bookshelves

Basement has a crafting area, laundry room, wine/mead storage place, display section, and a private bathroom with Dova Soap.

All lights can be toggled on/off.

Located north of Riften.

This mod is clean and only directly edits one cell so there shouldn't be any issues/incompatibilities unless you use a mod that also modifies this cell.


Use NMM, Wrye Bash, or drag and drop the Log Cabin Riften.esp and Log Cabin Riften.bsa files into your Skyrim's data folder.


Uncheck the esp file in the mod manager of your choosing (Skyrim's default manager, NMM, Wrye Bash, etc.) and delete the esp file and the bsa file from your computer.


No known incompatiblities.

Known Issues:

The cabin has several vicious animals (wolves, bears, etc.) in the surroundings that may attack the owners of this cabin. I would remove these spawns but they are from Skyrim so I kept them to lessen any compatibility issues. The owners are high levels so they can handle themselves fairly well.

The portable clock does not have physics so if you drop it, it hangs in the air. So, I suggest not picking it up unless you want to sell it or store it in a container.

After you move the dining table for the first time, you'll have to activate the table twice to move it back.


10/14/2012 - Initial Release
10/14/2012 - v1.1 - Added spider webs, wall clock, bottle rack, and fixed pillar's weapon racks.
10/15/2012 - v1.2 - Added watering can for the garden, insects to the backyard, a table on the porch, and other misc. things.
11/01/2012 - v1.2.1 - Removed ITM records using TES5Edit.
01/27/2013 - v1.3 - Player can now move the table in front of the cooking pot. This will also make the cooking pot interactive (so you can now cook!). Added a sack container near the fireplace and near the alchemy table for extra storage. Renamed the cabin and its map marker to Autumn Cabin (was previously Log Cabin).

Contact Details:

If you run into any bugs or have any suggestions/comments, then either PM me here or leave them in the comments section.


A big thanks to all those kind souls who have released wonderful modder resources. The ones I've used within this mod are (in no particular order):
OpenBooks Resource by Blary (
BookSets Resource by Blary (
FoodContainer Resource by Blary (
Rug Resource by yourenotsupposedtobeinhere (
Paintings and Frames by Artisanix (
Modders Resource Pack by Oaristys and Tony67 (
Strotis Old Cabin Resource (
Strotis Rustic Furniture (
Insanity's Lanterns by InsanitySorrow (
Insanity's Clocks & Sundials 1.0 by InsanitySorrow (
Insanity's Washing Stuffs 1.0 by InsanitySorrow(
Insanity's Clutter Stuffs 1.0 by InsanitySorrow(
The TESA Skyrim Resource Kit Project (
And InsanitySorrow for the ReadMe Generator this ReadMe is based on.

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