Voltus and Volcanus Spells by MynameisNikolai
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Adds 2 new spells, Voltus and Volcanus. Both Spell Tomes for the spells can be found at the College of Winterhold, on a round table in the Arch Mage's Quarters.
Voltus - Expert level lightning spell. Uses Lightning Storm effect. 40 damage per second with a 1 second cast time.
Volcanus - Expert level fire spell. Uses the Fire Breath shout effect. 40 damage per second with a 1 second cast time.
When using Voltus with one hand and nothing in the other or with both hands, the game will begin the casting animation for Lightning Storm, but will cut it short after 1 second. When you have a weapon in your other hand, it works fine.
With Volcanus, after casting the spell, there will be a risidual flames sound, even when you put away your weapons/magic. Un-equipping and re-equipping fixes it (until you cast again).