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Now that I have the creation of followers down I thought I would release a few others for those of us that want instant gratification and just want to play:) This one is Jagon, he has 550 health and 300 stamina, other than that he is set up to be the level that your player is. I never really care about stats since I want to get in on the action of a fight and not have my followers over power everything. What ever you want to customize with stats you can do with the console with Setav. Anywho Jagon is also a marriage option as well. He comes with a basic glass bow and two glass daggers and fur armor. You can find him In the Sleeping Giant Inn in Riverwood. He isn't set up as invulnerable so don't accidentally shoot him:( If you do Resurrect him with the console, but you lose what ever possessions you have given him. Cheers:)

There are a few must have mods for this, just for the look to be correct
you should have the following mods... BetterMales Beautiful Nudes and Faces, use the Younger Faces Merged with Men by Geonox.
For the body use the same BetterMales mod FavoredSoulMeshes body of your choosing. Cute Eyes 115X Makes the iris in the eye bigger to escape the tiny eye look.

Installation: NMM recommended.

Manual, put the Jagon.ESP file in your skyrim/data file. The textures and meshes files drop into the Skyrim/Data file in
textures and meshes. Hopefully you know the drill:) Open the Nexus Mod Manager to make sure the plugin is active and if you
are running UFO make sure Jagon plugin is after UFO in the load order.

Uninstallation: NMM delete Jagon Follower Mod.
Manual, Delete Jagon.esp file from Skyrim/Data file. Delete Jagon.esp
in Data/textures/actors/character/FaceGenData/FaceTint file. Delete Jagon.esp from your
Skyrim/Data/Meshes/Actors/Character/FaceGenData/FaceGeom file. Win.