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Fixes the orc female standing idle. Now they use your default female standing idle (modded or vanilla) instead of the male one.

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A small fix for all orc females (character and NPCs) that applies the FEMALE idle instead of the MALE one. Now your fierce orc lady can stand with grace instead of the vanilla "Ape" idle. I don't know what Bethesda's guys were thinking when they applied the male .idx file to orcish women, but It's either an error (& then a bug) or maybe they thought It was a smart move... and then I disagree.

Uses vanilla or modded female idle. Note that in my pics I used Apachii SkyHair, UNP and Better Females mods amongst others, but that's absolutely not required.

INSTALL: Use NMM or Extract & drop the .esp file into your Skyrim/Data directory.

WIP same issue with female Housecarls & some female followers having the wrong male idle.


Main file in English

Optional file in French - Version francophone en option.