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Ralof is marriable and can be a follower.

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Ralof is marriable and can be a follower. Make love, not war!

Be on the side of the Sons of Skyrim and win the Civil War. Then talk to Ralof. Don't forget an Amulet of Mara.

After the wedding he will not speak about war any more. The "ugly" line can be said only once. You both have Lover's Comfort at the same time, as in my other marriage mods.

I included here an option for divorcing him, and you'll be able to remarry after it. How to divorce: dismiss him if he is your current follower, throw all of Bonds of Matrimony out of your inventory, talk to him and say that you want a divorce.

It is compatible with Hearthfire, and doesn't require it.

---About Hadvar and some vague plans---
This mod does not include Hadvar, and none of my mods includes Hadvar. He has unique voice, to make a proper mod for him to marry and follow I must create appropriate replies, it can't be done in a rush. Since many people are interested in Hadvar I'll try to make a mod of him, but not now. People ask about other NPCs as well, so I'm planning to make anything universal and include Hadvar in there, but it isn't in the works yet, just plans.
For now you can use console for Hadvar. He will have follower's and marriage dialogues and act like a normal marriable follower, but will say nothing.
prid "0002bfa2" (selecting him)
addfac 00019809 1 (adding to PotentialMarriageFaction)
addfac 0005c84d 1 (adding to PotentialFollowerFaction)
setRelationshipRank player 1 (you are friends now, it's enough for follower's and marriage dialogues)
addFormToFormList 00047a00 001074bf (registering his voice in VoicesMarriageAll)
addFormToFormList 000cce4e 001074bf (and in VoicesMarriageNord)
addFormToFormList 0003b4a5 001074bf (and in DefaultNPCVoiceTypes, needed for followers)
addFormToFormList 000c78e7 001074bf (and in VoicesFollowerAll)
addFormToFormList 000d23ae 001074bf (and in VoicesFollowerRough)
If you have used these commands, arrived to the wedding cermony, Maramal and guests are in places and he isn't there, move him to you while in the Temple of Mara:
"0002bfa2".moveto player
If he got stuck when should say his vow, type this:
"0002bfa2".say 00075c9d

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