Omniscient Smith - Advanced Weapons and Armors by SuriamJ
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You are tired of your Daedric Armor? Playing the whole time with only one armor, because it has the best stats?
Well, then this is the perfect mod for you!

This mod adds "Advanced Versions" of all standard armors & weapons . These advanced armors/weapons use the same textures as their standard versions do, but they´ve got the stats from the Daedric Armor (Heavy) and from the Dragonscale Armor (Light) & from the Daedric Weapons.
The armors/weapons are craftable with the "Omniscient Smith Perk" which needs a smithing skill of 90 and the perk "Daedric Smithing" or the perk "Dragon Armor". You also need the Smithing Perks for the standard armors/weapons , you want to craft in an advanced version.
To craft fraction related "Advanced Items" you a specific rank in this fraction or at least you must join them.

Now with Dragonborn support, some items are still not implemented because I hadn´t time to play Dragonborn myself yet. These items will be added in the next version!

The latest versions requires the latest Skyrim version!
IMPORTANT: Now with Dragonborn/Dawnguard support, scroll down to "installation" to see how it works :)

Please leave feedback and sorry for my english :D

This mod contains:
- The "Omniscient Smith" Perk
- The "Advanced Elven Armor"
- The "Advanced Dwemer Armor"
- The "Advanced Falmer Armor"
- The "Advanced Glass Armor"
- The "Advanced Iron Armor"
- The "Advanced Orcish Armor"
- The "Advanced Draugr Armor"
- The "Advanced Steel Armor"
- The "Advanced Leather Armor"
- The "Advanced Ebony Armor"
- The "Advanced Hide Armor"

There is also a "No-Perk Version". It adds all the armors and weapons but you you need the "Daedric Smithing" Perk or the "Dragon Armor" Perk instead of the "Omniscient Smith" Perk to craft them.

You need the latest version of Skyrim installed!
Simply download the version you want with the NMM and activate it.
IMPORTANT: If you don´t own "Dawnguard" or "Dragonborn" disable the "Omniscient Smith (Dawnguard).esp" or the "Omniscient Smith (Dragonborn).esp after activating the mod.
If you´re playing with both dlc´s you don´t have to care about that!

You always can add screenshots :)

Plans for the future:
- german version is coming soon!