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Permissions and credits

[size=+2]NOTE: You can put Your performance related issues here, and ideas for features/effects here.[/size]

[size=+1]Project MATSO ENB is designed for the latest 0.119 and some of the variants are using the 0.120 beta

If you're in need of advices about issues you encounter or help in tweaking, be sure to read all the provided read mes, visit the Troubleshooting section, and please indicate the preset you are using when reporting a/o feedbacking.
Thank you ALL so MUCH for support ![/size]

:: New Immersive Bloom including Anamorphic Lenz Flare with setable axis,

:: New Letterbox, setable according to screen resolution,
:: Post processes improvements,

:: Natural, Hexagonal and Octagonal Bokeh Shapes,
:: Vibrant, Radiant and Pastel DOF formulas,
:: Complex 1.0, Complex 1.1, Fake DOF and OBGE computations,
:: Movie grain, Anamorphic Lenz Flare with setable axis,

:: Uber SMAA preset,

:: Many optionals and technical readmes,

:: And much more...

See for Yourselves!

Credits goes to:
  • Bethesda, for whole TES series,
  • Boris Vorontsov, for the ENB Series,
  • HeliosDoubleSix, for the great HDR setting and additions to the effects,
  • Tomerk, for OBGE Depth of field shaders,
  • Kyokushinoyama, for essential and everlasting support, and big help in making Project M.A.T.S.O. even come to live,
  • solsikke737 and Staind716, for beta-testing and fantastic screenshots.

Bless You all,