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The ultimate home for the ultimate Dragonborn.

A fully detailed, lore-friendly home in Sovngarde.

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It's been a long time since I last updated this mod, and from reading the comments it seems like a lot of people are having compatibility issues (a lot has happened in the world of modding in the last two years).

I've also seen tons of good ideas in the comments about how to improve this mod, that honestly, I don't have the skill to do.


Feel free to re-upload this mod, 

..fix it, change it, add quests, whatever you like. Have fun!

I also want to thank everyone that Endorsed, downloaded, commented on, made videos of, or simply just enjoyed this mod! It means a lot!
And of course a big thanks to the guys in the credits!


Ever felt like you were never really revarded for defeating Alduin and saving the entire world? ...And have you always wanted a massive
player home that was both highly detailed and well integrated in to the lore? Well, then this is the mod for you.

Located in Sovngarde, the Halls of Dovahndor is the ultimate home for the ultimate Dragonborn.

This mod has literally hours of exploration for those who want to delve into the details and uncover every secret. There are hidden locations,
secret paths, and the Underdepths, a massive hideout for your stealthy character.

The mod also features a unique spell, allowing you to teleport to the Halls of Dovahndor from anywhere, along with several other unique items.

(Currently, this mod does NOT require that you defeat Alduin. Therefor I recommend that you download this mod after you have done so)

For centuries the ruins of mysterios gate stood dorment on the peak of the Throat of the World. Few know about it's existence and even fewer has seen it. No one really knows its origins, but there are several theories. Some say it was built by an ancient civilazation in an atempt to contact the gods, while others say it was builts by the gods themselves.

Millenia ago the dragons named the gate Monahven Miraad, or the Gate of Mother Wind in the dragon tongue. This name was later adapted by the Greybeards, who made their sancturay on the mountain centuries ago.

With the defeat of Alduin the World Eater, a portal opened. Since then both greybeards and dragons have tried to enter the gate, but none has succeded. Now the Graybeards believe that only one can enter the portal, the hero that defeated Alduin... Dragonborn!

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Gate to Sovngarde:
A new map location on the Throat of the world, 'Monahven Miraad' or the Gate of Mother Wind, and the portal to the Halls of Dovahndor in Sovngarde.

The Halls of Dovahndor:
On the size of an in-game city, this home is arguably one of the largest out there. The home features a library, office, armory, museum, firing range, laboratory, master bedroom, alchemy garden, training room, dining room, kitchen garden, throne room, armor gallery, to mention a few.

The Underdepths:
The Underdepths is a massive hidden hideout located underneath Dovahndor itself. This is also the location of the Hall of Shadows, the secret lair for your stealthy character. There are several entrances to the Underdepths, but they are all hidden, so keep your eyes open. (One of these secret entrances can only be unlocked from the other side.)

The mod features all crafting stations in the game. There are primary crafting stations like Forges and Alchemy Tables, but also Wood Chopping Blocks and Cooking Pots. Threre are also tons of crafting material and storage.

Shrines of the Gods:
Shrines of all Nine Gods can be found in Dovahndor. But there's a catch, they're all hidden at different locations. Some Shrines, like Zenithar's Forge and the Tree of Kynareth might be easy find. But others, like Stendarr's Peak and the Altar of Arkay, might prove a challange. Can you find all nine shrines?

Teleportation Spell:
A unique teleportation spell, that instantly teleports you to Dovahndor. The spell tome can be found in the Hall of Magic.

Unique Items:
Along with the teleportation spell-tome, there are sevral new unique items scattered all across Dovahndor.

Display and storage:
Coutless manequinns, weapon plaques, weapon racks, chests, display cases, etc. Many of these can be found in the Collector's Hall. Also, Dovahndor features sevreral fully functioning book shelves with the combined room of over 500 books.

"Collector's Edition":
In the office of the Private Quarters you can find an in-game representation of the "Skyrim: Collector's Edition", along with a small model of Odahviing.

Follower Compatibility:
Bring your trusted followers and companions beyond the portal of Monahven Miraad, and to the Halls of Dovahndor.

Portal Chamber:
This new addition to Dovahndor contains six one-way portals to the largest cities in Skyrim, including one to the College of Winterhold.

Heroes of Sovngarde:
Heroes from all over Sovngarde are traveling to the once empty Halls of Dovahndor to greet it's new owner, the Dragonborn.

Traders and Crafters:
In addition to to Heroes and Kings, crafters and traders are also making their way to Dovahndor, eager to offer their supplies
and assistance to the Slayer of Alduin. These merchants also have an almost endless amont of gold, and will buy just
about anything you can offer them.

Expanded Living Quarters:
The private quarters has been expanded with two new bedrooms, with a total of 10 additional beds.

Masks of the Dragon Priests:
Display all your Dragon Priest Masks in the Collector's Hall.

The Dragonguard:
The Dragonguard serve as Dovahndor's guardians and protectors. These powerfull beings are not fallen heroes, but large
aetherial constructs, whose only purpose is to protect the Halls at any cost.

The Halls of Dovahndor are also often reffered to as the Seven Great Halls, or simply the Seven Halls.

Also known as the Museum, the centrepiece of this hall is a full size copy of the Snow Elf statue of Irkngthand, the only known representation of a Snow Elf.

In the basement you can find the terrifying Chamber of Monsters, a collection of some of Skyrims most dangerous and horrifying creatures.

Often called the Throne Room, or simply the Seventh Hall, the centrepiece of this great hall is the Golden Throne of the Dragonborn, and standing above, a full-size representation of Alduin himself.

In addition to the Seven Halls, legends speak of an illusive Eighth Hall, shrouded in secrecy. This hall is said to be located deep within the Underdepths, and reffered to only as the Hall of Shadows.

The very existence of this Hall is a mystery.

The Map of Dovahndor, including the Main Halls, the Private Quarters, the exterior, and the Collector's hall. (The map do NOT include the Underdepths, nor the doors that lead to the Underdepths).

Thanks to Mujuro for helping me with the scripting.

Thanks to Fang for proofreading all the text in the mod.

Thanks to the makers of all the great videos.

Thanks to the guys behind TES5Edit.

2K High Resolution Map - by jac22v

Vanilla Mannequin Script Fix - by SLuckyD

Spouses Can Live Everywhere - by Amgepo and Emma

My Home Is Your Home - a mod for followers - by Volek

High definition "Halls of Dovahndor" wallpapers (1920 x 1080) can be downloaded here:

Monahven Miraad - Throat of the World

Monahven Miraad - Dovahndor

Antechamber of the Fallen - Main Halls

Hall of War - Main Halls

Hall of Magic - Main Halls

Alduin's End - Main Halls

The Banner Hall - Private Quarters

Shrine of Kynareth
- Private Quarters

Portal Chamber - Hall of Magic

Shadow Caverns - The Underdepths