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Final version released here

I was a bit disappointed when I discovered that you can wipe out the dark brotherhood but not the thieves guild. Well I did the whole thieves guild quest (even became the thieves guild master) and the rewards didn't weigh up against the amount of effort I did for this "organisation". I started a new save where I played the good guy, but still I had to do the first quest of the thieves guild to advance in the main quest (the part where you have to know the location of Esbern). It was only later that I find out that you can ask Keerava (the innkeeper of the bee and barb) the whereabouts of Esbern. So I wanted to take revenge on Brynjolf for destroying Brand-Shei and I made this mod.

You can simply start the quest by bashing Brynjolf's face in with a hammer :-P*

*bruce142 does not condone, encourage or support violence or voilent acts in any form or shape against property or persons in real life or against innocent NPC's in the Skyrim game.

Just place the esp and other folder in the data folder and enable it with Skyrim Launcher. May not be compatible with NMM.

ApachiiSkyHair (Latest Main file) - (Unless you choose the No Apachii requirement optional file. Warning : This will mess up valentina's face as well (don't know why but the facetint and the facegeom isn't linked to valentina anymore). Mesh fix uploaded).

What does it do?
- Adds a new quest where you can kill brynjolf (he's no longer essential and invulnerable) and the thieves guild members before you do any quest for the thieves guild (after the first quest he will become essential again, like Astrid in the Dark Brotherhood, I did this to prevent quest line breakage). Like the Destroy the Dark Brotherhood quest the questgiver (for now) is Commander Maro and the guards will respond to your actions (with edited random lines) when completing the Destroy the thieves guild quest.
- Adds a new NPC (Valentina the Lioness, can be found like her older sister Mjoll in Riften and after completing the Destroy the Thieves Guild quest) who can start and finish the "No Stone Unturned" unturned quest (you will not recieve the Prowler's profit perk, but 3000 gold instead).
- This is still a beta, I don't know if it breaks the thieves guild quest line, but I tested the first quest and it should still work.

Known issues
-Etienne Rarnis AI is bugged, he won't attack you on sight but run way like a little girl
-The guard voice lines aren't that great, did a little bit of copy paste between the Destroy the Dark brotherhood guard dialogue lines and other. I will never get this 100% right without proper voice acting.
- Like Vex you can't have Valentina as follower due the lack of dialogue lines.

Future plans
- add a new questgiver (need voice actors to do this). Follow progress here :

I would like to thank the following persons for contributing to this mod :

-toaDime, for letting me use his idea of the Stones of Barenziah markers. (view permission notes to see the message where he grants me the permission to use his idea)
-the people who've voted and added suggestions to make this mod even better

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