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This will add you to the faction of the owner of the cuirass/mask. Taking it off will remove you from the faction.

Armor and Factions you will join:

Bandit Cuirass (all variations) - Bandit Faction
Daedric Cuirass - Daedra Faction
Dragon Priest Masks - Dragon Priest Faction
Dragon Scale Cuirass - Dragon Faction
Dragon Plate Cuirass - Dragon Faction
Draugr Cuirass - Draugr Faction
Dwarven Cuirass - Dwemer Automaton Faction
Elven Cuirass (all variations) - Thalmor Faction
Falmer Cuirass - Falmer Faction
Forsworn Cuirass - Forswarn Faction
Imperial Cuirass - Imperial Faction
Stormcloak Officer Armor - Bear Faction
Stormcloak Cuirass - Stormcloak Faction
Thalmor Robe - Thalmor Faction
Thalmor Hooded Robe - Thalmor Faction
Town Guard Cuirass - Town Guard Faction