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*New Beta is up as may Oct 27th.
*As of 6/7/16 you may do whatever you want with this mod, credit when done. 


New World Mod, wip, no quests atm.

23rd Rain's Hand, 288, The Far East Fleet left the port of Black Harbor carrying the Uriel Septim V and The Expeditionary Force consisted of four of the Emperor's legions. After six weeks at sea, The Far East Fleet landed and captured a small abandoned port in Akavir. The port was at once expanded and renamed Septimia. Once completed, the Emperor marched farther inland; capturing and re-founding another city as Ionith. While remolding Ioneth into a proper imperial capital, a nation of serpents known only as the Tseasci attacked. History tells us that Ionith and Septemia were besieged. History would have it that the Emperor rallied his personal guard in a dying effort to hold off the Tsaesci horde while the surviving imperials escaped to the fleet. History has lied.. Time has shrouded Akavir in a cloak of legends that have kept her secret for centuries, but in an ancient shipwreck a captains log has now re-shown the way.. Will you be the one to unlock her secrets? The Lost Colonies of Akavir awaits.

Who are the Tsaesci? Elderscroll Wiki Info
"Only three times in recorded history have inhabitants from the two continents mingled, all three being military invasions, two of which involved the Tsaesci. Within the current lore of Tamriel, there are two quite different depictions of the Tsaesci. Some evidence seems to indicate that they are humans, one source says that the serpentine beings are tall and beautiful with golden scales. There are a variety of theories that attempt to explain this contradiction (but the mod only utilizes aspects this one).
◾ The theory is that there were two races of beings, one human and one snake-like. It is worth noting that the humans are never directly referred to as "Tsaesci" but usually as "Akavir". This supports the idea of two different races. During the two invasions the human Akavir still lived but sometime after the Empire's failed invasion they were wiped out by the snake-men, the Tsaesci. Thus today there are no humans on Akavir."

Mod Lore:
In 288 Emperor Uriel Septim V invaded Akavir with the might of four legions complemented by a large naval force. Making landfall at an recently abandoned Tseasci port city, the Far East Expeditionary Force maintained constant communication with the Imperial City through the use of powerful mages. At once Uriel rebuilt the city in the imperial splendor and marched further inland, capturing a larger abandoned Tsaesci city; dubbing it Ionith. A period of prosperity began and settlers flowed from Tamriel cementing Imperial power on Akavir. Than began the Tsaesci siege of Ionith, trapping the Emperor and most of the Imperial forces inside. Its here Imperial records lose authenticity as Far East Expeditionary Force lost too many of its mages to maintain communication with the Imperial City. After a desperate breakout, the Emperor fell valiantly fighting in the vangaurd. Remnants broke off from the army during the fighting and coerced the Navy to abandon Akavir. Upon reaching Tamriel, the survivors of Far East Expeditionary spread horrid rumors of Akavir ensuring no further Imperial attempts to reach the continent. Those stranded on Akavir faded into time and myth.

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Kudos man, you're awesome Saio (The video is from Many betas ago..)-

*Skyrim More Monstermod NOT required anymore.

Tsaesci Race Mod:

BE WARNED: This is a BETA, be patient.

Compatibility: Works with Everything

DIFFICULTY: Balanced, more or less (All NPCs are leveled)

STARTS: At docks of Solitude, a trapdoor on one of the boats. (Will improve)(coc entranceboat)

Questlines still to come (Goal of next patch, since the first patch apparently..)

Thanks for the awesome motovation and coverage SaioTV!
Credits to Muppetpuppet, Scot and 514Y32, Pino69 for things I say in the credits
frankdema for the armour mod, the original is here (
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