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A New World Space

Welcome to Mage Charlie's homeland, Beautiful surroundings, eerie forests, mages, wizards, bears & deer’s, plus much more. What can you find! There is plenty to explore.

I have added no quests at the minute because I’m not the best at making them, If anybody wishes to help me in doing so please PM me on the Nexus site, I really think this mod could use some custom quests to give it more depth.

Up the hill from Dushnikh Yal there is a fast travel marker for your ease.

Manual Installation:
Please download main file and place in game folder where the exe is usually found in \Steam\SteamApps\common\skyrim\ overwriting any thing that it asks.

Manual Uninstallation:
Please remove all files the were previously installed by this mod!

None Yet.

If and when I upgrade I should be able to keep it as simple as just putting the esp into the data folder, Will update if info changes!

Known issues and bugs:

The stable hand does not complete his topic so you can not buy a horse from him at present I do not know how to fix this yet if anyone has an idea as to where I have gone wrong please let me know.

LOD is not the best but after spending nearly 2 days trying to get it to work and asking on the forums with no luck, I have decided to upload it in its current form, you can see in the distance but some things do pop in and out, I cant get it to work any better than it is, again if anyone knows where I might be going wrong please let me know!

None that I know of at the minute if you find any thing please let me know.

[email protected] or on the Nexus forums


Tools Used:
Pyròs: GuideLines
Creation Kit, Available on Steam

Future Plans:
More NPC's
Add some quests
Touching up any areas that need
Any Ideas welcome

Recommended Mod:

Tundra Defense - Construct Your Own Outpost

Legal and licensing:
Do not use any part of this mod with out my consent and do not upload to other websites, If you want help in anyway please contact me on the forums by pm or email me