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Video by EmadWasfi, tnx a lot dude.

READ the important notes below!

Install: Drop the files in your Data folder (The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim/Data) and overwrite when prompted.

Just as the title says, this is my first mod. I got bored with al those 'cute houses/enormous palaces in 'rural scenes'.
Nobody seemed to make a house that fitted my preferences so I took up the challenge to build it myself.
Check the images for the result :)

As my character now has a lovely companion in his life (yes, the house is ofcourse fully navmeshed and companion friendly) and with Hearthfire and
kid-adoption mods around maybe even a kid in the future (*teehee* that's where that ridiculous small room is for ofcourse :) it's no longer safe
to sleep in the wilderniss. Even a dovakiin likes to sleep peacefully without bandits knocking on his door. Safe behind Solitudes strong walls.

Located in Solitudes 'Arch area'. After you enter the 'living area' from the market place it's located just on
your left side, you can't miss it. It's named 'Solitude farmhouse'. No key required. It's open and set player owned.
At the moment there is only one other mod (Solitude enhanced) which adds buildings and trees in this part of the
Solitude world (all other houses are underground etc) and the house is compatible with that one, so it should be
compatible with all current Solitude mods.

Fully navmeshed/companion friendly, plenty of storage space. Beautifull bathroom, bedroom with double bed, childs room (ofcourse the child bed can only be used by a child or the player, not by an adult follower), livingroom, kitchen, upper floor with 'magic area' and guest/companion bed.
Although the house has an alchemy and enchanting area there is NO smithing stuff. No forge, no workbench etc.
Simply because this doesn't belong in a 'civilian living area' and besides that, Beirands smithy is just around the corner.

Mod comes with two choices: One with interior shadows (strongly recommended!) and one without.

Want your husband or wife to live in the house, but he/she is a vanilla NPC or a companion without 'live everywhere' option? Use this mod to make them live wherever you want:

Important notes:

1: As I've used a lot of shadows it might be that some computers with low-end graphics cards
have troubles with the visuals in the bathroom and near the fireplace. A common problem
called 'striping shadows' which causes stripes on the interior, and even
worse, on your character and NPC's body/face. If this occurs to you, change
these lines in your SkyrimPrefs.ini. ( found in C:Users*USERNAME*DocumentsMy GamesSkyrim )


Credits for these tweaks go to defosh369, thanks dude! If you think the shadow quality can be
even better you can download more tweaks from defosh's original page:

If this doesn't help (Can't imagine, in that case your computer is probably too old to
run Skyrim anyway) lower your graphic settings or use the .esp in the optional download (House in Solitude NO SHADOWS).

2: This house has mannequins. Unfortunately there is a bug (not caused by this or any mod, it's a vanilla bug) that
causes mannequins to 'wander'. First time you load the cell the mannequins are on the place where they're supposed to be,
but when you leave and enter the house again the mannequins are out of place, showing up all over the house.

If you suffer that issue, use this modified mannequin script, it cures the problem perfect:

3: Followers often don't enter the bathroom, they will just stand in front of the bathroom 'door' in the bedroom. This seems
to have something to do with the following distance, which is isn't close enough to follow in such narrow rooms. I can't help that.
Most of the time they spawn near the player after some seconds. If they don't, just
order them to sit on the wooden bench in the bathroom, this is close enough to the door so the sit-on-bench animation
forces them into the bathroom. (If they are not standing near the door this trick won't work so you'll have to walk around a bit until they come to the 'door')

Known issues:

None, as far as I know. Although you might notice a bit of a frame drop when you first enter the house after you start playing. This restores in a few seconds and it's only the first time. Not really a problem.


Ofcourse to defosh369 for his advice and Tamira and Arion for their teddybear resource ( Not to forget Wolf and Emma for their tips and criticism.


Like the house and want to use it in your mod? That's fine, but give me credits and let me know about it. Also if you use the teddybear resources, don't forget to credit Tamira and Arion. Last but not least, endorsements are nice ofcourse, but I even like to see an uploaded pic of your char in the house. To me that's the best evidence that someone likes it. Have fun :)