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Do you like the awesomeness of Daedric Armor but play a light armored character? Would you rather wear Daedric than Dragon Armor? Annoyed there was no light Daedric armor? This fixes that.

This Mod creates a standalone light version of the Daedric armor set. It is fully craftable and Upgradeable and can be found under the Daedric (light) section in the forge. So that you do not Need to get all the heavy armor perks to craft this, I have made this available to craft as soon as you get the Dragon armor perk. The recipe for the armor is exactly the same as the heavy version, but with one less ebony ingot and a quicksilver ingot in it's place. (If you are having trouble finding these there is a quicksilver mine in Dawnstar) The upgrade material is still ebony ingots though. That stats for the armor are somewhere between Dragonplate and dragonscale (I'm trying not to make it too OP here), and it should benefit from all light armor perks.

UPDATE: For all of those who thought it was a great injustice that it didn't need daedric smithing to craft, I have now released a version which instead of need dragon armor to craft, needs daedric smithing. I have changed the requirements for daedric to include glass smithing as well, so you can now access daedric smithing if you have glass or ebony smithing. There is no physical link on the tree between glass and daedric as of yet, but once you hit level 90 smithing and have glass smithing it will be available. The stats and everything are the same and hopefully it hasn't affected the levelled lists either (but i shall chack that)

The armor is now also available in levelled lists. It is not dropped from all NPC's but can be found in shops, levelled chests and some NPC's like dragons. These are made to drop at around level 50. In shops the price is the same as standard daedric armor


Version 1.1

- Added the Daedric shield with Light armor stats
- Put the armor in levelled lists! (This has been tested for shops, not chests, someone please tell me if they find the armor in a chest or on an enemy)

Installation and Compability

Just copy the esp file into your data and load it up. It should be compatible with any mod as doesn't really do anything game changing. There may be some problems with smithing mods as it changes one of the generic crafting materials in the creation kit. PM me if you find any mods that conflict and I'll put it up.


This is my first mod so feel free to tell me how it was and how tom improve and whatever. I may add weapons, if anyone wants it. Oh yeah, and go ahead and use this in your mods if you want, no permission is needed.


Bethesda for making the coolest RPG ever and a great creation kit to go with it.

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