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Lore-Friendly STANDALONE And Also a REPLACER version of Ebony Armor for Males And Females.This is Reworked version Of My MOD - Dark Nemesis Armor - Ebony Reincarnation

Permissions and credits

=== Introduction ===
This is my remake of Dark Nemesis Armor - Ebony Reincarnation mod.Which can be found here,for those people who prefer that variant.
Feel Free to publish pics with my mod and punch an ENDORSMENT button if you like my mod, because it's a way of appreciation,which can kick my ass to go further and expand my mod.


*if you have installed other variant of mod,which can be found here ,and want to intall NEW VARIANT,just extract all files,and overwrite when promted.Easy-Cheasy.
*This is Replacer and Standalone set for male and female characters.
*Chainmail included
*Shield included
*no neck seam (by me) P.S near the neck is a little slightly gap.You must have eagle eyes to see it,or every time when playing be zoomed in into the neck.
*My Version of helmet (by me) P.S slightly remeshed proportions of helmet,including the back side.P.S.S Weight slider is working
*Other fixes to armour(by Madcat221 - which included in my mod.

=== Ways of Obtaining ===

Standalone version :
Armor and shield can be crafted At Forge Under Ebony Smithing,and yes,two perks are required - ADVANCED ARMORS and EBONY SMITHING.
Armor is Almost as powerful as daedric.Daedric stats are slightly better.Because its a Daedric!

Replacer Version :

This is Simple.Replaces Vanilla Ebony Armor and shield.

=== Installation ====
For Standalone:
Extract files into skyrim/data and don't forged to enable ESP file.

For Replacer:
Extract files into skyrim/data and click YES to overwrite if promted.No ESP.Because It's only a replacer.

Credits :
Thanks to Madcat221 for providing his ebony mesh fixes for male and female armour.
Thanks to LSiwora for Fantastic and Stunning ENB - P.S All Pics Made by this ENB
Thanks to Bethesda for creating Skyrim.
Thanks To Nifskope Team who created Nifskope And Thanks to those who created SKyEdit.