VOM - Passive Night Vision For Vampires by elite5472
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Added: 12/10/2012 - 06:18AM
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-- Description --

Get ready for a true night-creature experience. Night eye is no longer a convenient set of glasses that you can use at will. You will see perfectly fine in the dark, nights will be beautiful and clear and you will be able to easily navigate even the darkest of dungeons. The catch? Light sources will be blindingly white. You, the player, will come to hate the sun just like your character does!

-- Compatibility --

None. Doesn't alter vampirism in any way. The mod has a quest monitoring the player and checking if he or she is a vampire. This is done every game hour so it won't affect performance. This will work with any other mods you have.

-- Installation --

Either use NMM or extract the files into your data folder. Delete the files to uninstall. No need for clean saves of any kind.

After installation, wait or sleep for an hour and sleep and the mod will activate. If you cure yourself, the night vision will deactivate on its own after an hour.