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Glimpse of Elsweyr

by Ishara Mera`din

For those who are familiar with my mod Automatic Storage for Vidani's Bag of Holding this is a culmination of my efforts to create a single mod which does not have the issues which crop up during the uninstallation process because two mods are involved. This is completely standalone and has some new features that in my opinion make this better.

Features & Information
Not only is it a bag of holding which stores your items Elsweyr it has the ability to be controlled by spells. There are three spells which can be learned by book and are easily found inside the satchel: Auto-Storage; Quick Storage; and Quick Retrieval.

Auto-Storage when cast allows automatic transfer of non-equipable crafting items once per minute. There is a token cost of magicka on each transfer and for this reason is designed not to take place during combat. As explained in the journal written by the Khajiit mage who created the satchel it is a fickle spell. Basically its a way to work in the fact that I couldn't prevent the transfer during crafting sessions and it is best to turn it off before crafting. To cancel the Auto-Storage spell cast it again.

Quick Storage when cast will transfer any non-equipable crafting items currently in the player inventory into the satchel.

Quick Retrieval when cast will transfer all non-equipable crafting items in the satchel into the player inventory.

All three spells are classified as Alteration spells and with each cast will provide the same amount of growth to the Alteration skill as the Transmutation spell.

Using spells in this manner allows for greater flexibility in using the satchel, you can easily cancel the auto storage if you are doing a quest where you need to collect so many crafting items. And with the spells in place you do not need worry about whether you need to be sneaking, standing or holding a weapon to access the bag without any auto transfering.

The satchel is for new games conviently located on the corpse of Gunjar inside Helgen Keep along with a note by Gunjar which is a page or two of his journal (lets pretend he had one :P ) and explains how he came across it. Gunjar is the dead Stormcloak that if you follow Ralof, you'll be asked to loot for gear. His body is accessible to both routes into the keep. For existing games, you can either return to Helgen Keep and pick it up (his inventory is 'safe storage'), console one in if you so desired, or you can actually craft it. Tho the crafting option won't show till you've got the right requirements and items.

The reason it is craftable is that I didn't want to mess with the necessary steps to ensure that the satchel can't be placed inside of itself. Since you can place the bag inside of itself and 'close off the portal', you'll lose anything placed inside of it. However, the crafting items can still be retrieved and stored via the spells even if you do not have the satchel on your person. Yay for magic!

It is recommended that you favorite and then hotkey the satchel for quick manual access. However you can also drop the satchel to the ground and then access it by trying to 'move it' (i.e. press and hold the 'use' button which by default is the letter E)

Located inside the satchel is a journal which among some ramblings includes information about the spells and how to craft a new satchel if necessary. The satchel appears in the Apparel category. There is no worn model for the satchel.

To console the satchel in:
Open the console and type help "glimpse of" and it should be in the resultant list. Then take the displayed ID# and use it with player.additem ID#HERE 1

For a list of items which are transferable via the spells please see this article

Load Order
Now included in BOSS listings

1. Save your game in a new slot & back it up
2. Download & install the mod via NMM or manually extract to your Skyrim directory (data folder included in archive)
3. Ensure that the mod is active
4. Start the game
5. Locate the satchel
6. Save the game in a new slot
7. Have fun playing Skyrim

Uninstallation v1.1 and lower
1. Using the console set the global variable abIM_DoUpdate to 2: set abim_doupdate to 2
2. A message box appears informing you that the mod is safe to uninstall. (can take up to a full minute to show)
3. Manually retrieve your items from the satchel
4. Save your game in a new slot
5. Exit Skyrim, deactivate and uninstall the mod
6. Restart Skyrim, load your save and say yes to the message about missing objects.
7. Save again without the satchel and continue playing

Uninstallation v1.2 & higher
1. Cancel the auto-transfer if running
2. Retrieve your items from the satchel
3. Save your game in a new slot
4. Exit Skyrm, deactivate and uninstall the mod
5. Restart Skyrim, load your save and say yes to the message about missing objects.
7. Save again without the satchel.

Upgrade to 1.2 from 1.1 or lower
Follow full Uninstllation instructions then install per Installation instructions

To allow containers to have categories like the player inventory
1. You need to be using SKSE.
2. Locate your skse.ini file at skyrim/data/skse -- if there isn't one make it.
3. Add EnableContainerCategorization=1 under [Interface] category.

Omod Installer
You have your pick of ESP. Based upon active plugins one will be pre-selected for you. You may override this for whatever reasons tho a warning box will pop up if you do.
You also have your pick of whether to install loose files or a BSA file.

Manual Installation
This is achieved by extracting the Omod file as if it were a 7z file to a clean directory. Then copy/paste the appropriate version ESP file from the correct directory.
non-dlc = Skyrim without any DLC
dawnguard = Skyrim with Dawnguard only
hearthfire = Skyrim with Hearthfire only
joint = Skyrim with both Dawnguard and Hearthfire.
Then copy/paste either the BSA file or the loose files from the non-dlc directory.

Change Log:
v1.0 -- Initial release
v1.1 -- ESP file cleaned by the Creation Kit v1.8.151 & confirmed clean by TES5Edit 3.0.24
-- OMOD version made to provide Dawnguard support
-- Dropped Filled Soul Gems from the list of auto transferable items. Soul gems are now handled by my other mod Soul Gem Enhancements
-- Dropped the initial message box on activation
-- Changed the update method for one minute auto storage, no need to perform any deactivation methods.
-- Added Chaurus Chitin for non-dlc tempering recipes
v1.3 -- Added Hearthfire Support

I only recently bought Hearthfire and haven't even played any portion of it yet. I added a few items from Hearthfire to the formlists. I may decide to add more after having gotten into the Hearthfire portions of the game. This is just a fair warning that there may be another update down the road.