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Orcish Sabre with Nordic features

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The Orcish Sabre belongs to Svartbough, which is the first mod of a series that will be expanded.

Thanks Brodual for this video!

Orcish Sabre

Version : 1.0
Autor : atomec
File size: 2,48 MB
Requires : Skyrim

Weapons: sword

Orcish meets Nordic

This plugin adds a sabre to the game.
It is made by orcish blacksmithing,
which is also needed to prepare it themselves.
The decorations, however reflect the ornamentation of the Nord.
The sabre is available at Moth gro-Bagol in Markarth.
The damage values are those of an ebony sword. I try to make my mods lore friendly,
that means nothing overpowered and designed like as it fits to the game.

This plugin was created with Blender, Gimp, and the Creation Kit
All textures and meshes are handmade.
When using the plugin or parts of it for projects that are published
I ask for a reference to me as the autor of Orcish Sabre.

You can contact me at skyrim nexus @ atomec

My thanks go to Bethesda and nexus network