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General Stores for Hearthfire Houses, Endorse please if you like makes me happy ;-)

GShearthfireoutside - All Exteriors with General Stores to make building more easy.

Adds Smithing and Master Chest to Outside, Cistern Entrance to the outside of each house

Indoor safe versions - Adds General Stores to the Main hall of buildings, seperated esps/

Adds most GS Container to the Mainhall of Buildings. Fully compatible with all wings you build to the house. Save to uninstall because all Containers are new ones. Be aware due it´s imposible for now to integrate things in building process without bugs, you will see things floating in the air. Several houses are each seperated esp´s. There is a difference in Furnishing the houses with GS to make them more individual.

I recommand to turn it on if main hall is fully furnished !

Houses done so far:

  • Lakeview Manner
  • Hjaalmarch Manner
  • Windstand Manner
  • EXTRAS so far in seperated esp´s
  • Thief Guild Headquarters with special DR. EVIL THINGS
  • Dawnstar Sancturary
  • Fort Dawnguard in Optional file as a litte extra, will do the dark side soon too

GShearthfireBasment - Adds General Stores and Cistern Entrance to Basment of each house

Optional File

Adds Cistern Entrance, Weapons Dummy and Armor Rack, Master Chest,Smithing Container, keept it in Cellar to keep lore Friendly so you have to build it first

Adds Dwemmer Master Chest to insedes for eazy access to your stuff

Optional File

Adds Dwemer Master Chest to each of the houses Entrance Hall and small House. I made this because for easy and fast first GS acces in Small house.


  • All in one ESP
  • integrate General Stores in the building System (tested in old Version but stopped because of a uninstall problem


  • Easy acces to your stuff stored in other General Stores Mods
  • Ass long as the General Stores Master esm is loaded you will never loose the stuff even if you deinstall this mod
  • General Stores Cistern entrance at each house (Outdoor Main)
  • General Stores Master Container at each house (Outdoor Main)
  • Gerneral Stores Smithing Container at each house (Outdoor Main)
  • General Stores and Cistern at Basment each house (seperated Basment esp - optional file)
  • Most General Stores indoor in Main hall for all houses, keept in the main hall so you don´t have to worry about which wings you build. ( seperated esp´s at main files)
  • Dwemer Master Container at small house, entrance hall ( seperated esp´s at optional files)

[b]Lakeview Manner Interiors-old Version with buildable Containers
, some Containers there from beginning others you can build in the Normal Process. Steward furnishing not tested !!
  • Cistern Entrance in the basement
  • Weapon Containers in the basement
  • General Container in small house, Entrance hall to get your stuff from the beginning
  • All Containers in the mainhall to make it compatible with any extensions you build, i will do the extanions later, but its a bit tricky in CK
  • You have to build most Container yourself to keep in lore and explore :-)
  • Seperated esp

If you use it with a fully furnished house get your stuff out of the Containers or you will loose it,some Containers replaced by General Stores Resorces

Use this file on your own risk, just found out it´s nearly for me imposible to unbind the Activators from the Containers, they seem to been stored in the save file !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So you got where you need it ;-)

This mod adds General Stores Container to Locations of the world of Skyrim. I started to add them first in Hearthfire Location..

After now you will find several other Location for gener Stores in vanilla Skyrim and Dawnguard DLC. Look at the optional Files for more locations.

The supperb Generals Stores Mod is not developed by my it´s a modders resource form Harvey, i just placed the container, so all the credits belong first to him.

You have to download the resource to make this placement work. You will find it under

- Harves General Stores

although most question about general stores get a solution there just read the readme´s

thx a lot enjoy

Howto store your new dlc stuff right

(text copied from orginal sorce of Harves General Stores) Heuristic Learning Containers adapt to all DLC and mod added items. Once stored, new items are recognized and supported for sorting and bulk transfers. FINALLY, repetitive stress has been banished forever!

General Stores Master Chest: - Single activator with access to everything

  • One-Click Rinse Cycle (unburden) - Unloads and sorts all smithing, alchemy, filled grand souls, books, scrolls, and raw foods
  • Unburden - Same as Rinse Cycle above
  • Autosort - Add any items to a single chest and they will autosort to appropriate lockers.
  • Manual Inspection - Menu driven direct access to all 12 lockers plus Armor and Weapon OCD sets
  • Stash Cash - Store your extra gold in the Treasures locker
  • Storage Cistern Trapdoor - Adds access to a lore friendly storage cistern which can be placed under any building. Access to all 12 locker and all OCD sets. While the Trapdoor may look and function as a door, it is actually an activator so you can drag/drop it and not worry about setup and Navmesh. Sorry, no followers.


  • Incompatibel with all Mods using the exact space my Containers Use
  • So far none
  • shoud be non collision one at the picture is fixed
  • Lakeview MannerOLD.ESP Use this file on your own risk, just found out it´s nearly for me imposible to unbind the Activators from the Containers, they seem to been stored in the save file !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Do a save before installing so you can rollback just in case something strange happens
  • Please load Harves General Stores ESM before this esp and hearthfire.esm , and of couse download and install it


  • Just uncheck esp ill use no script so there is no chunck in your savegame,this works for outdoors
  • Lakeview Manner OLD VERSION, there is a problem with General Stores Activater which activate Scrips, right now i found no solution to unbind them from Savegames

Screenshot clothes:

@LoneImperial it´s a mixture form

- Jacket,gloves,gauntlets:

unp leather clothes

- Armored Bekini plus a chainmail retex

armored bekini:

- skirt is from Temptress

tryed to buy this for my real girlfriend but seems to be impossible to get on amazon :-)

Please endorse Harvey for Orginal mod while you are there and elGrecoLoco cause i used his text (not any more :-) as a template for this mod ;-) hope you don´t mind couse you are loco :-)

Hope you enjoy it, im new at modding so if anybody likes to help would be cool. Endorse if you like !

Enjoy Alex

btw. If my english is a very shitty thingy, thats cause im german

in diesem Sinne wer Rechtschreibfehler findet kann Sie behalten!