Essential Elements by Ricketier
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Undead attack the poor dwellers of the Temple of the Elements. They need your help fending them off.


- A quest to save the Temple of the Elements
- Lots of Dremora and undead.
- Large areas to explore.
- Lots of traps and dangers.

Which file to download:

If you like Dragons Adore manor and use it as your house, download EssentialElementsDAM. The house is NOT included with this download.
If you don't want to use the house, download EssentialElementsSA. Don't use both at the same time and do not use EssentialElementsDAM without the house(it looks ridiculous).

How to use : This is important!
- Turn on subtitles! There is no spoken conversations yet, only empty wavs.
- After installing the quest, when starting for the first time, SAVE AND LOAD. If you don't, the conversations may not start.
- Bring plenty of potions and magic resistance.
- Mind the fireplaces, most do dammage.
- Some areas mean certain death!

Version 1.1

- Improved the start of the standalone version.
- Fixed missing property in script that advances quest.
- Tabbing out of conversation should no longer be a problem. Conversations that were not finished can now be started again. (Mind that most quest advances happen through conversations)
- Fireball traps removed from Fiery Core in boss area. These tended to get stuck and made the area too difficult.
- Removed the dead end underwater cave in Glacial Cavern.
- Message on gate in Deaths Realm to encourage players to find a route around.
- Fixed floor tiles in Deaths Realm.

Known issues: (somewhat spoiling, so maybe you should not read)

- Allthough fully navmeshed, followers may have a difficult time following in some areas.
- Dragons WILL fly through the floor. Can't be helped. I tried to reduce this by setting up lots of markers and lowering the flyby chance in the combat style.
- Dragons sometimes do not cast their fx. This can make them hard to spot. Quest marker points to them.
- Some mobs cannot be looted. (probably because of scripts on them)
- Jeino sometimes manages to get himself stuck behind the barrier.
- That brings me to: Do not get behind the barrier, you'll be stuck!
- Temple area portals act weirdly sometimes


- Download either the EssentialElementsDAM or EssentialElementsSA
- Place either esp in the \Data\ folder. Don't use both at the same time.
- The mesh goes into the meshes folder and leave the folder structure intact. \Meshes\Dungeons\Imperial\Portcullis\
- Put the voice files under the sounds folder:
\Sound\Voice\EssentialElements.esp\MaleCondescending\ or \Sound\Voice\EssentialElementsSA.esp\MaleCondescending\
\Sound\Voice\EssentialElements.esp\MaleYoungEager\ or \Sound\Voice\EssentialElementsSA.esp\MaleYoungEager\
- Place the script files in the \Data\Scripts\ folder.
Make sure the esp is checked in your Skyrim Launcher.


- Delete EssentialElements.esp or EssentialElementsSA.esp from your data folder
- Remove the mesh from folder \Meshes\Dungeons\Imperial\Portcullis\
- Delete the voice files under the sounds folder:
- Remove script files from \Data\Scripts folder.

I sure hope everyting works properly. If you encounter any problems, let me know.